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Dips on the dip station are an exercise that works the chest and triceps. Dips are usually programmed with pull-ups and are often used as a pull-up or weight accessory. You can do a workout where the same number of pull-ups and push-ups are dips. ProSportsae powerful Dip station gym equipment gives you more support and the barbell can perform high-intensity exercises. The front of the frame includes a top bar with multiple handles for other exercises and stretches. The bar can also be used for band and resistance training. One can also use this for Squat, pull-up, Tricep row, bicep row,  incline/flat bench press, shoulder press, back row, etc. 

Gym Adjustable Dip Bar Training Station

These robust dip stations are great for crossfit and parallel bar training and can be used to conduct a wide range of difficult upper-body exercises. The U-shaped handles' allows for extensive flexibility of movement and adaptability. You can regularly move your legs and feet through them with no problem. Some of the equipment in the category also feature both pull up and dip stations.

The pull up and dip station provides an excellent way to train and strengthen your latissimus muscles, core, and triceps. The dip station bars have slip-proof rubber grips providing users a comfortable and better grip. The pull up and dip station offers an excellent opportunity to train at home or they can also be used at commercial gyms. If you are creating your home gym dip station is a must-have.

What is the ideal distance between dip stations?

The bars should be adjusted such that they are just slightly broader than the space across your both shoulders for dips.

Are shallow or deep drops preferable?

The body mechanics for performing dips for triceps are almost exactly the opposite of those for performing chest exercises. Start off with a grip that is no wider than shoulder width. When using dip bars, choose the narrower setting.

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    Prosportsae Dip Station with Height Adjustable Pull Up Bar | Prosportsae

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    Features: Get a balanced physique by training your arms with the dip handles while boosting your biceps and enhancing your back, chest and abdomen using the...

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    1441 Fitness

    Parallettes Push Up and Dip Stand - Sold as Pair

    Regular price Dhs. 290
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    Description : These heavy-duty parallete help you perform a wide variety of challenging upper-body exercises and are ideal for cross-fit and parallel bar training. The U-shape...

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    Bowflex Body Tower NH100243 | Prosportsae

    Regular price Dhs. 1,330
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    Description : The multi-station tower has E-Z adjust horizontal bars that let you increase the variety of your exercises, raise the intensity of workouts and improve...

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    Steelflex MCD-2100 Chin/Dip

    Regular price Dhs. 19,808
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    Description : Blueprinting from human movements to deliver muscle force development and advance functionality of the biceps, the PLBC is hard to beat. Special-durable, thick elbow...

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    Weider Pro Power Rack with Lat Pull Down IC14933

    Regular price Dhs. 1,950
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    Description : Build Muscle and Strength in Your Own Weider Weight Training Home Gym Take your weight training to a higher level with this Weider pro power...

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    Tunturi Power Tower PT60

    Regular price Dhs. 1,424
    Sale price Dhs. 1,424 Regular price Dhs. 1,851
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    Description :  Exercise your abdominal muscles, strengthen your pectoral muscles, or give your upper arms a serious workout. It's all possible with the complete Tunturi Power...

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    Regular price Dhs. 902
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    MARCY POWER STATION TC2001/TC2000 The Marcy Power Tower TC2000 will help you sculpt the powerful upper body, core, and back you've always wanted. An ergonomic vertical knee...

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    Marcy Power Tower Multi-Grip Pull Up & Dip Station TC 3515

    Regular price Dhs. 681
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    Description : The Marcy Power Tower is an all-around exercise equipment that is useful for strength training. This equipment can be used for push-ups, back training,...

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    Insight Fitness

    Insight Fitness SA Series SA008 Assisted Chin Up

    Regular price Dhs. 5,659
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    Compact design allows user to perform dips, chin-ups, leg raises in one machine. A counterbalanced knee pad allows you to control the desired weight-assist during exercise...

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    Impulse Fitness

    Impulse Fitness Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Combo IT9520

    Regular price Dhs. 10,058
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    Description: Trains latissimus muscles and triceps Auxiliary works in biceps, deltoid and serratus muscles D-shaped weight stack cage Features translucent ABS shroud Assures ultra durability and...

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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Vertical Knee Raise / Dip Station JG-C65

    Regular price Dhs. 840
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    Features: Compact design Perform dips, chin-ups, leg raises and ab crunch Dual function support pad for both of Vertical Knee Raise and Dip Angled arm rests...