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    Yoga Mats, Blocks | Yoga Products UAE

    The Yoga accessories include products like thick and soft Abs Exercise, Yoga & Fitness Mats, Yoga Wheels for releasing muscular tightness in the body, Power Bands, Aerobic Steps for endurance & strength, and Yoga Blocks for overall body balance. They are carefully constructed to give users the best outcome for their hard work and dedication.

    The yoga gears from ProSportsae provide a great way to perform strength, abdomen, and stretching exercises at your home or outdoors and get the best results. They are easy to clean and extremely easy to carry. All the products are designed and carefully crafted to bring the best results in the targeted area. They also provide a great source of tension release from the body, balancing body and mind health. ProSportsae has yoga products that are eco-friendly and non-harmful to the body.

    High-Quality Yoga Exercise Mats 

    Exercise mats can be used for crunches, stretching, or any other general activity you want; they can help to cushion you from the floor during general exercise and can help to absorb some impact shock. The body is strategically padded by the training mats to reduce aches and pains while exercising. The kind of mat that will work best for a person will therefore depend on the kind of exercise they intend to conduct. The size of the mat and how simple it is to store and clean are additional aspects that should be taken into account. The curved gym mats target and isolate upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and even lower back muscles.

    What are the features and types of yoga mats?

    When we go to buy a yoga mat online, features and types are the first things that we look for. We buy what suits best according to our requirements and need. There are various types of yoga mates available online such as sticky mates and microfibre fiber but not every mat will go according to the type of yoga you do. There are different mates for high-intensity yoga sessions and some are designed for low-intensity yoga sessions. Therefore, it’s important that you choose wisely. There are 5 types of Yoga mats available online.

    The Sticky Mat

    • This Yoga mat is made up of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride).
    • The mat has a foam-like appearance and feel.
    • These are relatively inexpensive.

    Microfibre Yoga-mat

    • They are super absorbent.
    • When your hand is sweaty, its non-slip top layer prevents you from slipping away.

    Natural tree rubber

    • It has a good grip.
    • It doesn’t contain any toxins.
    • They are biodegradable and durable.

    Travel Mats

    • Designed for traveling purposes.
    • It's ultra-thin and lightweight, making your bag-pack super light.
    • It’s a good mat for the short term, as in the long run, you are likely to get aggravated by these mats.

    Cork Yoga Mat

    • It is made of natural material.
    • It gets sticky on your skin when the mat is wet.
    • It also has antibacterial properties.

    What should I look at when buying a yoga mat?

    Yoga sessions are peaceful at times but some are also high-intensity ones. If you are searching for yoga mates online, then don’t forget to look into the specifications before putting them in the cart. Here are the specifications that you must look into before making your final choice.


    If you are looking for a non-slippery yoga mat in UAE, then you must opt for these mates

    • Rubber
    • Jute
    • Cotton Yoga mat

    The above mats have a raised, tactile pattern.


    • There are variations of yoga mates available in UAE’s online shopping sites such as prosportsae. You can get these 3 thickness variants in the yoga mat.
    • Standard yoga mats-1/8-inch thick
    • Thickest -1/4-inch
    • Wafer-thin yoga mats aka “travel yoga mats”- 1/16-inch thick (Easily foldable and do not weigh much
    • Therefore, look for any of these yoga mats according to your requirements.

    A little expensive is a long-term investment.

    • Avoid cheap mattresses with less thickness, Instead, Look for a good quality yoga mat in Dubai, and don’t think twice to spend extra bucks for good quality yoga mat in Dubai.

    Yoga mat padding must be appropriate.

    • If you are a beginner performing yoga, then it is recommended to buy a well-padded yoga mat since it provides you with a safe landing platform.
    • Check the mat’s foam level, because if it is too foamy, then doing yoga such as Surya Namaskars might be tough.

    Benefits of Yoga Exercise Mats:- 

    • You may get the best and most effective core workout with the Prosportsae Abs mat. The abs can get a good stretch at the bottom of the movement before completely contracting at the top thanks to the curved form design. The cores, obliques, and even the lower back are all targeted and isolated by the curve mats.
    • The hard ground is sufficiently cushioned by mats from your body.
    • Gym mats can also be folded in half to provide even more padding, which is particularly useful for those whose bodies don't react well to bare flooring and who are prone to back, knee, stomach, and joint pains after working out.
    • There are lots of microorganisms in fitness centers. By carrying your own exercise mats, you can take precautions and keep hazardous germs at bay.
    • The non-slip surface of the workout mats makes them a wonderful asset for people who perspire a lot when exercising.


    FAQ Section

    Are ProSportsae yoga products durable?

    Yes, All ProSportsae yoga products are made from high-quality material and last for a very long time even after rough regular use.

    Are these exercise mats good for Pilates and yoga?

    Yes, all the exercise and gym mats have an extra durable coating that provides users with an excellent grip. The extra grip facility makes it easy to use them during pilates or yoga training.

    Which size is best for me if I am a beginner?

    It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro. The exercise mats are for everyone.

    Why should I include workout mats in my routine?

    No matter where you are, the fitness mat is perfect for home, office, gym, MMA, boxing, and for other types of training that requires a stronger abdominal core. Even if you are not in the gym and stuck at home, the mats provide you with an extra option for exercise.

    Do I need a trainer to use ProSportsae yoga products?

    No. All the ProSportsae yoga products can be used by individuals without any guidance from professionals. They are designed to be fit for both learners and pros.

    Why Should You Buy a Yoga Mat?

    The only important reason to buy yoga mat for sale, it provides you with a cushion and friction that make your practice more comfortable and consistent in any given place.

    Where to Get Best Deals and Discounts on Yoga Mat online in UAE?

    Without compromising on quality, Prosportsae has amazing deals and discounts on all types of quality yoga mats. Therefore, if you are looking for some amazing discounts on Yoga mats visit the website to buy one.

    Prosportsae provides best quality gym equipment in UAE and offers an unparalleled shopping experience by providing convenience and delivering exceptional customer service. Buy Your Yoga Mat from Prosportsae at an affordable price.

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