Glute Ham Raise Machine Workouts for Building Strength

The glute-ham raise machine, also called the GHD (Glute Ham Developer), is a great tool for working your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and core muscles. Check out some exercises you can do on it and why they're awesome:

  • Glute-Ham Raise: This exercise primarily targets your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. This exercise will strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and your lower back thus enhancing your athletic performance and sprinting speed. This exercise also promotes better posture.

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    • Russian Twists: This exercise involves holding a weight or a medicine ball while seated on the glute-ham raise machine. Then, you twist your torso from side to side, engaging your oblique muscles. This exercise enhances core strength and stability and builds core strength for sports and daily activities.

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    • Back Extensions: In this exercise, you position yourself facedown on the machine, with your feet secured, and lower your upper body toward the ground before raising it back up. It targets the erector spinae muscles of the lower back, improving lower back strength and posture.

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  • Nordic Hamstring Curls: It is a bodyweight exercise that targets the hamstrings and lower body. They are typically performed with a partner or using a specialized piece of equipment like a Glute Ham Roller or a Nordic curl bench. This exercise builds balance and stability in the lower body and reduces the risk of hamstring strains.

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    • Leg Raises (with the glute-ham raise machine as support): With your forearms resting on the machine's pads and your body hanging downward, you lift your legs upward, engaging your lower abdominal muscles and hip flexors. Using the machine for support adds stability to the exercise.

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      Description: Designed specifically to be the best hamstring curl unit possible, we quickly found that it was great for a variety of ab, shoulder, leg and...

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      Description: The Apple Series Glute Isolator based on the standing position on the ground, targets to train the muscles of the hips and standing legs. Elbow...

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      Shua 77 Series Glute Machine

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      Description: Glute Machine SH-G7710 , helps build glute muscle. The cable is made of highly-flexible oiled steel wire rope from Japan. Adopting the imported material, 189...

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      DHZ Fitness Hip Thrust - U3092

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      Description:Hip thrust focuses on the glute muscles and simulates the most popular free-weight glute training paths. Ergonomic pelvic pads provide secure and comfortable support for training...

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      Features: Adjustable foot position Accommodates varied leg length Divergent forearm and contoured knee pad Offer precise and comfortable position Pivot knee pad for easy adjustment Specifications:...

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      Force USA Commercial Glute Ham Raise - Glute Ham Developer

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      Description : The GHD, also referred to as GHR, is an essential training tool for athletes. The main benefits of training with a GHD / GHR...

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      Features: The Glute Ham Developer, also referred to as Glute Ham Raise, is an essential training tool for athletes. The main benefits of training with a Glute...

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      Description: 1441 Fitness Glute Ham Raise is an essential training tool for athletes who want to build strength and stabilization in the core, lower back, hamstrings,...

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      Description : The Impulse Sterling Glute Ham Bench has become one of the key products within the Impulse Sterling Range with an increase in the number...

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      Impulse Sterling SL7038 Commercial Range Glute

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      Features :  Main Frame: Commercial Grade 50mm x 100mm x 2.5mm square tubing with electrostatic powder coating ensures ultra-durability.  Upholstery: High-density poly-foam offers comfort and durability. Bearings: High-precision industrial-grade...