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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Sissy Squat

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    Description: The Element Fitness Sissy Squat offers a great way to work the quads from a different angle. This Sissy Squat is very compact, yet extremely...

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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Sissy Squat - 41FC43

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    Features: LEG EXTENSIONS DONE PROPERLY: Think of this exercise as a mix of reverse knee extensions and hack squats. Works amazingly well to target all 4...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Sissy Squat GSS50

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    The Body-Solid GSS50 Sissy Squat offers the perfect platform for training multiple muscle groups including abs, legs, and core while performing isolation exercises like quad-focused squats...

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    LiveUp Single Leg Squat - LP6070

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    Description: This single leg squat rack has an ergonomic design.13 height-adjustable holes and a swivel foam footrest keep your feet firmly on the curve.Made of high...

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    Insight Fitness

    Insight Fitness Sissy Squat - DR038

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    Sissy Squat offers exercise of very specialised movement that is designed to work the lower thigh area. Because of the unusual angle at which this exercise...