Find your Gym Equipments in Dubai at We offer a complete range of fitness products, gym equipments for both home and commercial gyms. Choose from our wide range of collection, we offer free delivery for your gym equipments across UAE. We deals with all top brands like 

                Harbinger, Grizzly, RAGE, Sunlin, SKLZ,TRX & Lot more. Get on a variety of equipment to find what fits you. 

                Gym Equipment deals in UAE

                For sure, health is wealth but this does not mean that exercise and gym equipments should be very expensive. If you are looking for an affordable high quality gym equipments in Dubai or UAE? Don't look further!  Here at Prosportsae, we deeply know your exercise equipment needs for both the commercial and home setting. We know you are looking for  branded  equipment that meet your fitness needs without burning your budget. We offer great deals on Gym & exercise equipment while ensuring superior quality for fitness enthusiasts across UAE. 

                Know Your Gym Essentials Easily

                Are you tired of listening to the complaints people have regarding your body size and shape on a daily basis? You must be and it is natural for anybody to feel to put an end to it once and for all. Paying attention to the productive talks makes you realise that you must join the gym in order to maintain a healthy body and continue to live like a healthy person for long.

                Buy Exciting Gym Necessities!

                If you find the gym near you to be completely useless without proper instruments, you can always look for various gym equipments online that you can buy at quite affordable rates and prices. You will no more have to search around the area for a decent and reasonable gym when you can buy these gym equipments Dubai via the various online websites that will give you equipment that has guaranteed shelf life and will be true to the weight. You will not find any fault within the machines and weights sold to you through these online websites.

                Best Gym Equipments in Dubai, UAE

                Pro Sports Vinyl Coated Dumbbells - Pair

                Dhs. 38.00

                Pro Sports Clubbell for Training

                Dhs. 49.00Dhs. 60.00

                RAGE Block Chalk - 2 oz

                Dhs. 29.00

                Harbinger Lifting Grips

                Dhs. 124.00

                Pro Sports Hex Dumbbells - Pair

                Dhs. 356.00Dhs. 440.00

                Grizzly Grabbers Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps with Grab Pads for Men and Women

                Dhs. 70.00

                ProSports Multi Grip Gym Door Pull

                Dhs. 60.00Dhs. 125.00

                Harbinger Red Line Wrist Wraps

                Dhs. 76.00

                Grizzly Reversible Knee Sleeve 8171-0432

                Dhs. 70.00

                RAGE Phoenix 2.0 Olympic Barbell

                Dhs. 1,186.00

                Pro Sports Chrome Dumbbell Set with Protective Case (15 kg to 50 kg)

                Dhs. 243.00Dhs. 300.00

                Grizzly Super Grip Deluxe Pro Weight Lifting Straps with Wrist Wraps for Men and Women (One-Size)

                Dhs. 105.00


                Dhs. 300.00

                RAGE Core Mat

                Dhs. 171.00

                RAGE Leather Hand Grips

                Dhs. 114.00

                Harbinger Big Grip Pro Lifting Straps

                Dhs. 100.00

                Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps - Pink

                Dhs. 48.00

                Harbinger Men's Heat Activated BioForm WristWrap Weightlifting Gloves

                Dhs. 276.00

                Perfect Fitness - The Iron Gym Bar

                Dhs. 181.00

                Pro Sports Powder Coated Cast Iron KettleBell

                Dhs. 119.00

                Grizzly Elastic Cotton Wrist Wrap

                Dhs. 64.00

                Grizzly Fitness Cotton and Nylon Weight Lifting Wrist Straps for Men and Women (One-Size)

                Dhs. 76.00

                Grizzly Elbow Sports and Fitness Sleeve (Single)

                Dhs. 64.00

                Grizzly Fitness Deluxe Weight Lifting Straps with Wrist Wraps for Men and Women (One Size)

                Dhs. 88.00

                Grizzly 4 inch Pacesetter Padded Genuine Leather Pro Weight Belt for Men and Women

                Dhs. 116.00

                Grizzly Paw Premium Leather Padded Weight Training Gloves for Women - Purple

                Dhs. 139.00

                Grizzly Voltage Training Gloves - Men

                Dhs. 116.00

                SKLZ Power Sled, Power Trainer CRM-PWSLED

                Dhs. 852.00

                RAGE Chalk Ball - 2 oz

                Dhs. 38.00

                Harbinger Rolled Ribbed Durafoam Mat - Aqua

                Dhs. 200.00

                Harbinger Ergofit Bar Pad

                Dhs. 148.00

                Harbinger Redline Knee Wraps

                Dhs. 152.00

                Harbinger Men's Firm Fit Contoured Weightlifting Belt

                Dhs. 152.00

                Harbinger Pro Gloves for Men with Vented Cushioned Leather Palm

                Dhs. 124.00

                Harbinger Power Non-Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves

                Dhs. 62.00

                Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller 

                Dhs. 195.00

                TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell 20kg

                Dhs. 429.00

                TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell 16kg

                Dhs. 371.00

                TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell 12kg

                Dhs. 314.00

                TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell 8kg

                Dhs. 276.00

                TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell 6kg

                Dhs. 219.00

                TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell 4kg

                Dhs. 181.00

                York Fitness Chrome Dumbbell Set

                Dhs. 347.00

                York Fitness Cast Iron Dumbbell Set - 50 KG

                Dhs. 934.00

                York Fitness Vinyl Dumbbell Fitbell Set in Case

                Dhs. 198.00

                York Fitness Soft Grips - Pair

                Dhs. 42.00

                York Fitness 10 KG Vinyl Fitbell Set with case

                Dhs. 220.00

                York Fitness Vinyl Dumbbell

                Dhs. 44.00

                York Fitness Neoprene Triangle Dumbbell

                Dhs. 114.00

                York Fitness Neoprene Round Dumbbell

                Dhs. 88.00
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