Abs Crunch Bench Workout

An ab bench is a versatile exercise bench that you can adjust up or down to do various core-strengthening exercises. If you're wondering how to use an ab bench, here are some common ab bench exercises.

  • Sit-Ups: Sit-ups help make your tummy strong and look good.
  • Leg Raises: These make your lower tummy strong and give it shape.
  • Decline Crunches: Make your upper tummy look cool with these.
  • Twists: Twisting exercises make your sides strong and help you move better.
  • Reverse Crunches: Make your lower tummy really strong with this one.
  • Planks: Planks on an ab bench make your whole middle strong and balanced.

Benefits of Ab Bench Exercises

  • Strong Core: These ab bench exercises give you core strength.
  • Better Posture: They help you stand up straight and avoid back pain.
  • Play Better: You'll do better in sports with a strong core.
  • Stay Safe: It protects your back and lowers the chance of getting injured.
  • Look Good: Regular ab bench exercises make you slim and fit.

Are Ab Benches Effective?

These ab benches make sit-ups tougher, which is better for shaping your abs compared to regular sit-ups. It also helps strengthen your side muscles and hip flexors. 

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Semi Recumbent Ab Bench GAB300

    Regular price Dhs. 1,688
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    Features: 5-position seat, 5-position upper ab arm and 4-position lower ab leg support adjust to accommodate any size user. Ergonomically positioned handles provide a natural, fluid,...

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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Foldable Decline Sit Up Bench with Reverse Crunch Handle - B006

    Regular price Dhs. 270
    Sale price Dhs. 270 Regular price Dhs. 450
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    Features: Recently upgraded to provide even greater stability: High-Strength steel tubes for ab exercise equipment that provides maximum support to core workouts. High strength 4-way frame...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Pro-Style Ab Board GAB60

    Regular price Dhs. 961
    Sale price Dhs. 961 Regular price Dhs. 1,626
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    Description: Centered on a telescoping 2"x 2" steel beam, our Pro-Style Ab Board adjusts to 12 positions for increased or decreased difficulty when doing sit-ups or...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Pro Clubline Ab Bench SAB500

    Regular price Dhs. 2,289
    Sale price Dhs. 2,289 Regular price Dhs. 4,270
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    The SAB500 is built to withstand the rigors of a high-traffic workout facility while also maintaining a small enough footprint for smaller studios or homes. Gas-assisted...

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    DHZ Fitness

    DHZ Fitness Adjustable Decline Bench - U3037

    Regular price Dhs. 1,499
    Sale price Dhs. 1,499 Regular price Dhs. 1,899
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    Description: The Adjustable Decline Bench offers multi-position adjustment with ergonomically designed leg catch, which provide enhanced stability and comfort during training. Features: Easy to Adjust● The stable multi-position...

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    BH Fitness

    BH Fitness Bench Atlanta 300 G59X| Prosportsae

    Regular price Dhs. 450
    Sale price Dhs. 450 Regular price Dhs. 489
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    Description : Exercise all the muscles of the upper body at home. The Atlanta 300 flat bench offers an absolute comfort and stability during the training....

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    Insight Fitness

    Insight fitness Stretch Machine DR018

    Regular price Dhs. 1,641
    Sale price Dhs. 1,641 Regular price Dhs. 2,235
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    Insight Fitness Angled seat and knee pads for added user comfort. Low step-up height makes it easy to ride on and off. Instructional Placard. Frame: 50...

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    BH Fitness

    BH Fitness Crunch Bench L835

    Regular price Dhs. 2,735
    Sale price Dhs. 2,735 Regular price Dhs. 3,345
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    Description : Double roll to support and fix the leg position Backrest inclination adjustment Injected core seat Setting elements are bright contrasting yellow Mechanical seat adjustment...

  • Gainmotion

    Gainmotion Commercial Crunch / AB bench - GM6013

    Regular price Dhs. 2,795
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    Description : Gainmotion Abdominal Bench is a great addition to any workout environment. It is made up of high quality steel and has a sturdy structure that...

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    Shua 68 Series Adjustable Abdominal Bench

    Regular price Dhs. 2,002
    Sale price Dhs. 2,002 Regular price Dhs. 2,975
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    Features: Durable laser-cut, Robo-welded frame, and fixtures Features 2mm steel to give commercial-level toughness Attractive Black, Silver, and sand design to boost the look Durable, high-end...