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York Fitness Pectoral Machine HS-1048 | Matt Black

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Description :

The HS 1048 Pec Fly or the Pectoral Machine is the most effective machine for training and developing the pectoral muscles (the chest muscles).  An angled seat and an ergonomic design help isolate the right muscles and ensure biomechanically sound workouts.

This machine can effectively target the pectoralis muscles to increase chest strength and muscle mass. The chest muscles are used in numerous daily tasks, including lifting heavy grocery bags and pushing open heavy doors. Well-built chest muscles also enhance the pysical appearance, which is also one of the most popular fitness goals for many people. Additionally, the pectoralis muscles also control the chest and ribcage when you take a deep breath.


Features :

  • Seat adjusting pneumatically to accommodate various users
  • Features a comfortable handle position
  • Precision bearings offer an ultra-smooth motion
  • An angled seat and ergonomic design isolate the right muscles
  • The machine arms are made to accommodate various users
  • Dimensions: 1465 x 1350 x 1010 mm · 
  • Net Weight: 80 Kg