York Fitness Medicine Ball

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Weight: 1 KG
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The York Fitness Medicine Ball is designed conditioning workouts at home.

This high quality ball features durable rubber with a textured grip surface for effective and safe workouts. 

Medicine balls are a great total body conditioning tool, perfect for high-rep workouts, combat sport training and building explosive speed, and power.

Working out with medicine balls will develop your cardiovascular health, build strength, and help encourage weight loss.

Great for crunches, squats, swings, lunges, push ups, super mans, fly's and extension exercises to add extra intensity to your workouts.

Medicine balls can be used as a complete body workout or used to target specific areas like legs and glutes, core, shoulder and arms or chest and back muscles.

Key Features

1.Home training medicine ball.
2.High grip textured surface.
3.Designed for resistance and stability exercises.
4.Develop explosive speed and power along with coordination and flexibility.
5.Builds strength and offer complete body workout.
6.Ideal for functional core strength and plyometric training. 

Product Note

This range is not designed for exercises where the ball is slammed into the ground.

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