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Livepro - Bosu Pro Balance Trainer - LP8211

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Description :

Fitness balance hemisphere can be used for balance training and core muscle exercise, and improve coordination, muscle strength and flexibility. Standing, jumping and push-ups can be completed on it, and even you can also carry out more daring challenges. The base and the hemisphere are fixed by 18 screws and there are 6 non-slip gasket is in contact with the ground. The spherical surface anti-slip texture is designed for overall anti-slip and solidness. The tension tube is connected to the buckle for resistance training, truly challenging every part of your body safely.

Features :

1.High-quality material
The sphere is made of high-quality PVC material, with moisture-proof, compression, tensile and wear-resistant performance, which can be used for a long time.

2.Anti-slip design
The spherical surface is composed of concave and convex rough surface and smooth surface, which can increase the friction of the contact surface and have good anti-slip; the base seat is anti-slip gasket, which increases the anti-slip with the ground and does not shift when you are exercising.

3.Multifunctional training
The instability of the hemisphere can provide a constantly changing sports surface, in addition to the combination with the tension tube equipment for resistance training.

4.Super load-bearing
Durable spherical surface and wide base can withstand up to 300kg.

5.Various scenes
This basic fitness equipment is perfect for functional training, exercises the core, promotes total body muscle and coordination, and is a smart investment for the gym.


Brand Livepro
Color black + blue
Material PVC
Weight 5.5kg
Size 61.5x22cm