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Precision alignment and balanced traction!

Have virtually limitless options to complement your practice of yoga, Pilates, resistance training, functional/personal fitness training, physical therapy or any health regimen.

  • Bhoga bars are removable for use on and off the wall
  • Bhoga bars can be placed in any or all of 16 pairs of notches
  • Magnetized locking keys secure Bhoga bars in the notches
  • Alignment guideposts every 5 inches are visual and tactile alignment cues
  • Guideposts of Bhoga bar grips, notches on the Bhoga wall frames and locking keys
  • Guideposts offer points of resistance and rebound – ergonomically enhancing directional force
  • Attach ropes, straps, bands, cushions and more for endless combinations and uses.
  • Powerful, simple and fun to use.

Get Your Float On and Dance with Gravity!

The Bhoga Wall can serve as a ‘vertical floatation tank’!

Why floating? Floating is the Yin to Gravity’s Yang!

Be in balance with the two omnipresent forces that we interact with every second of every day!

Gravity and Air — also known as Prana, Chi, Ki, or life-force!

Floatation tanks ( horizontal personal size tanks with thousands of pounds of Epsom salts in water) create the experience and feeling of weightlessness — releasing tension and pain while increasing awareness.

How to create that ‘floating’ feeling on dry land?

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