Top 15 Best-Selling Functional Trainers


Functional Trainers are particularly effective for functional fitness, emphasizing movements that mimic real-life activities. This not only builds strength but also improves coordination, stability, and flexibility. The versatility of the Functional Trainer makes it suitable to install not only gyms but home gyms as well. It’s perfect for strength training, functional movements, and rehabilitation exercises. With a variety of attachments such as handles, bars, and straps, users can customize their workouts to target specific muscles and perform a diverse range of exercises.

 Although functional trainers are the ideal gym equipment, each model caters to specific fitness needs and preferences.

Presenting to you the top 15 best-selling Functional Trainers:


1. 1441 Fitness Heavy Duty Smith Machine With Functional Trainer & Squat Rack - J009

 The best-selling is the ‘1441 Fitness Functional Smith Machine'.  This all-in-one powerhouse targets the Back, Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Legs, and Core Muscles. The heavy-duty Smith Machine ensures safe and controlled lifting, while the integrated Functional Trainer adds versatility to your routine. With a built-in Squat Rack for lower-body workouts, this machine is your go-to for a full-body fitness experience.


  • Counter-balanced Commercial Smith Barbell
  • Squat Rack with Spotter Arms
  • Clever Pulley System
  • All-in-One Compact Machine


  • Squats
  • Pull-ups
  • Triceps and biceps pulldown
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Bench pressing
  • Shoulder press


2. 1441 Fitness Dual Pulley Functional Trainer 41FG13

 Coming in at 2nd place is the Dual Pulley Functional Trainer 41FG13. Not only is it versatile but affordable as well. This machine is your go-to for a user-friendly experience.


  • Robust Design for Durability
  • Adjustable Pulley Positions for Varied Exercise Options
  • Facilitates Chin and Dip Exercises with Included Belt
  • Curl Bar Enhances Arm and Bicep Workouts
  • Deluxe D Handles for Comfortable Grip
  • Tricep Rope for Targeted Tricep Muscle Engagement

3. Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer

Meet the Inspire FT2, a sleek and unique functional trainer that brings the gym to you! It is Matte Black and Chrome design enhances your body-building routine and gym aesthetics. The Selectorized Smith Bar simplifies weight adjustments – just move the pins. Focusing on core muscles like the lower back and abdomen, it's a stylish and efficient workout solution for your home gym.


  • Triceps rope
  • Pair of D handles
  • Straight bar
  • EZ curl bar
  • Ankle cuff
  • Two water bottles
  • Multi-function belt
  • Swing handle
  • 2 sets of 5lb. add-on weights
  • Exercise Booklet


  • Chest press
  • Inclined press
  • Flat press
  • Bench Press
  • Pull-downs 
  • Bicep Curls
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg curls


4. 1441 Fitness Functional Trainer - 41AN54

Affordable and versatile, the 1441 Functional Trainer is compact yet powerful. Crafted with heavy-duty steel and a sleek matte finish, it offers optimal workout performance. With two weight stacks for independent movements and thirty swivel pulley positions, it's your go-to for efficient and effective functional training.


  • Dual weight stacks
  • Independent pulley carriages
  • Multi-position pull-up bars
  • Accessory rack for attachments
  • Black steel weight plates with low friction sleeves


5. Force USA G12 All-In-One Functional Trainer

The Force USA Monster G12 is an all-in-one commercial multi-functional trainer that lets you do over 300 exercises in one machine! It's tough, sturdy, and super versatile, designed in the USA. Whether you're a high-performance athlete, coach, personal trainer, or just want effective strength training at home, the Monster Commercial G12 has you covered.

8 Strength Training Systems into One!

  • Power Rack
  • Functional Trainer
  • Smith Machine
  • Vertical Leg Press
  • Chinup Station
  • Dip Station
  • Core Trainer
  • Suspension Trainer


  • Weight Stacks
  • Weight Plate Holders
  • Barbell Storage
  • Leg Press
  • Knee Support for Lat Pull Down
  • T-Bar/ V-Bar Row
  • Olympic Lock Collars

6. Insight Fitness SA Series SA021 Functional Trainer

The SA021 Functional Trainer offers a smooth and fluid exercise motion, thanks to its advanced technology and robust construction, ensuring a comfortable and effective workout experience.


  • Dual weight stacks
  • 1/2:1 resistance ratio for high-speed training
  • Extended travel for added versatility
  • Independent pulley carriages
  • Easy adjustments for single or dual exercises
  • Wide-base frame design
  • Functional, speed, and ballistic training support
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Compatible with rehab equipment, workout benches, and stability balls
  • Multi-position pull-up bars for exercise variety
  • Accessory rack for multiple pulley attachments
  • High-quality electrostatic powder coat finish for durability
  • Resistance to chips and scratches
  • 5mm coated steel cables for smooth and secure performance
  • Glass-fiber-reinforced nylon pulleys
  • Deep V-groove for secure cable seating
  • Fluid bearing rotation for smooth operation


7. 1441 Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer

Transform your home gym into a professional workout space with the 1441 Fitness Mirror Functional Trainer. Perfect for homes, gyms, hotels, and physiotherapy clinics, this unique equipment features a built-in mirror that acts as your trainer, guiding you with privacy. Break free from your limits and redefine your fitness experience.


  • Outstanding functional body
  • Mirror
  • Aluminum pulleys and bearings
  • Adjustable swivel pulley system


8. DHZ Fitness Compact Functional Trainer - U1017F

The DHZ Compact Functional Trainer is your go-to for a ton of workouts without taking up much space! Perfect for home or adding to your gym routine, it's designed with 15 cable positions so you can do all sorts of exercises. Keep it simple, keep it effective!


  • Ideal for compact facilities with two weight stacks
  • Versatile with interchangeable accessories
  • Bench and handle height are adjustable
  • Features dual pull grips with comfortable, secure handles

9. Shua 68 Series Functional Trainer

The SH-G6820 functional trainer is great for working out your shoulders, chest, back, and legs. It's made with high-quality materials, has advanced technology, and has a comfy design, making your exercise easy, effective, and enjoyable.


10. Shua G699 Functional Trainer

Meet the Shua G699 Functional Trainer – your ultimate space-saving workout buddy! Packed with top-notch features, it's durable, compact, and perfect for achieving your fitness goals at home, in a studio, hotel, or office gym. Quality meets convenience in one compact package, making it an ideal choice for high-end home use, studios, hotels, or office gyms. Get ready for a quality workout experience in a compact form!


  • Sturdy main support crafted from large-size rectangular steel pipes and treated with electrostatic spraying.
  • Aluminum Alloy Pulley Block with imported Pa-coated steel wire rope for smooth, durable pulling.
  • 19 adjustable levels for versatile exercise angles.
  • Magnetic latch included to prevent accidental falling off.

11. Shua G697 Home Use Dual Functional Trainer

Meet your daily fitness companion, the SH-G697 home functional trainer! Transform your home into an anaerobic gym, bringing strength training to your room. Easily adjust heights to cater to various muscle groups and different heights – it's your personalized fitness journey made simple and convenient.


  • 23 high and low adjustable positions
  • Easily adjust heights by pulling the adjuster
  • Adapt to the needs of different heights and muscle groups


12. 1441 Fitness All In One Functional Trainer - 41FG12

The 41FG12  is your ultimate All-In-One Commercial Multi-Functional Trainer, bringing you over 300 exercises in a single powerhouse! Designed to be tough, sturdy, and incredibly versatile, it's like having eight strength training systems rolled into one. Perfect for those hardcore workouts!


  • Ergonomically designed for various spaces, accommodating both tall and short ceiling heights.

Combines eight strength machines in one:

  • Power Rack
  • Functional Trainer
  • Smith Machine
  • Chin-up Station
  • Dip Station
  • Core Trainer


13. 1441 Fitness Multi Functional Trainer - 41FG11

Bring the freedom and flexibility of your favorite commercial gym exercises into your own home with the versatile Functional Trainer. Made with heavy-duty steel tubing throughout and commercial-grade powder coating, this trainer will deliver years of gains. By including a range of strength and fitness exercises in one compact footprint, you can effectively target every muscle group to smash those training goals. 


  • Heavy-duty structured steel tubing 
  • Eco-friendly premium commercial-grade powder coating
  • 2 Weight stack shrouds 
  • Two laser-cut 60kg cable-driven weight stacks 
  • Lifetime warranty and 2-year warranty on parts and attachments

14. Livepro - Livepro Selectorized Power Rack - LP6004

The Livepro Selectorized Power Rack is a strong and versatile fitness tool made to boost your strength training. It lets you do a wide range of exercises for different muscles, giving you a complete workout solution.


  • 2 barbell bar racks
  • 1 set of rowing pedals
  • 1 set of high drop-down cushion
  • 1 set of adjustable pull-up frame
  • 2 simple pull handles
  • Single side 100KG select iron


15. 1441 Fitness Functional Trainer With Smith Machine - 41FA3106

Transform your workouts with the 1441 Fitness Functional Trainer. It combines the accuracy of a Smith machine with the flexibility of a functional trainer, offering a wide range of exercise choices. This trainer helps you reach your peak strength and fitness goals, allowing you to push your limits.


  • Multilevel Cables Crossover
  • Adjustable Free Barbell Rack, and Pull-up Jungle


  • Pull-ups
  • Triceps pulldown
  • Biceps
  • LAT Pull down
  •  Incline/flat/decline Bench pressing
  •  Shoulder Press, Back Rows

Choose a ProSportsAE functional trainer for your best gym equipment purchase in the UAE – guaranteed to enhance your fitness routine!

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