Exercise on the Trampoline and Jump your way to fitness!

Trampoline exercises are convenient and enjoyable. It can improve your heart health, build stamina, and reduce stress. It also enhances your balance, coordination, and motor skills. Trampoline exercises target your back, core, and leg muscles.

Trampoline Workout

Bounce down: Bring your inner child out! Bounce down, is an effective and fun exercise to engage your glutes, hamstrings, and transverse abdominis muscle while experiencing a cardiovascular push.

  • Twist:

      Twisting is an underrated way to strengthen your core muscles. It activates both of your side ab muscles, creates resistance by your torso, and increases spinal rotation. Twist and get fit!
  • Scissor switch: Challenge your abdominals, inner thighs, and glutes muscles by keeping the legs close together and centering the body evenly between both feet
  • Knee pull: It is a challenging single-leg movement. You will train your body to build a core connection to maintain balance on one leg for an extended period
  • Twist bounce: The twist bounce is a combination of the twist and bounce down.  It works at the glutes, hips, calves, back, and abs muscles.

Trampoline workout benefits

  • Increased strength. 
  • Improved cardiovascular 
  • Enhanced balance.
  • Torch Calories.
  • Reduced stress

Is the trampoline a good exercise for weight loss?

Yes, the trampoline workout for weight loss is low-impact but effective. They are highly efficient ways to burn calories. This is because the force created from bouncing burns fat and builds muscle quickly.

Does trampolining tone your legs?

Definitely! Simple jumping on a trampoline can tone and strengthen your legs. 

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    Features :  Keep fit with jumping &balancing exercises. Easy to assemble with included instructions. Made from solid metal construction, sturdy and durable. Safety padding that covers...

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    1441 Fitness Six side Trampoline with Handle - 41FWG247

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    Features :  Professional Fitness Trampoline : This mini rebound hexagon-shaped trampoline with an elastic band design, instead of spring, noise reduced and elasticity enhanced while workout....

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    Description : "Mini trampoline Allows you to bounce without the risk of abrasions and tears. Benefits of using trampoline exercise: (1) It can promote blood circulation...

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    LivePro Trampoline with Handle - LP8250-B

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    Description: LivePro trampoline with handle has a sturdy steel structure and safe design, the whole frame and support feet are made of rust-proof and durable steel...