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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Adjustable Commercial Bench with Preacher Curl Extension - X3-0112A

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    Features :  1441 Fitness Commercial Bench adjusts quickly and easily from Flat to Incline Position. It includes height-adjustable preacher curl attachment for greater versatility in your...

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    Impulse Fitness

    Impulse FitnessSeated Preacher Curl IFSPC

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    Model Number 13070400-101

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    Shua 68 Series Arm Curl Bench

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    Features: Durable Construction 80 x 40 x t2 sliding tube Plywood + EVA + Synthetic leather cushions Specifications: Model Number: SH-G6859A Frame Material: Q235A specification: main frame...

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    DHZ Fitness

    DHZ Fitness Seated Preacher Curl - U3044

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    Description: Seated Preacher Curl is designed to provide users with targeted comfort training to effectively activate the biceps. The easily adjustable seat accommodates users of different...

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    BH Fitness

    BH Fitness Seated Scott Curl L830| Prosportsae

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    ANTICORROSION PAINTING TREATMENT 3-layer coating comprised of an initial anti-corrosion primer for guaranteed durability, followed by an epoxy powder layer and finished with lacquer or varnish....

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    Insight Fitness

    Insight Fitness Preacher Curl - DR020B | Prosportsae

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    Features: Adjustable seat to accommodate all user heights and angled at 10 degrees for enhanced stability and comfort. The 30 degree arm pad for varying resistance...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Preacher Curl Bench-GPCB329

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    Features: Isolating the biceps for maximum concentration and development Building overall biceps mass including the often difficult lower biceps Preacher curl bench is set to a...