What is the difference between a Macebell and a Clubbell

Macebells and Clubbells are exercise tools used for functional training and strength workouts. Although they might look similar, they are different in terms of purpose and usage. 

Clubbells also known as Indian clubs, have a cylindrical or club-like shape with a thicker middle section and tapered ends. They have historical roots in ancient training methods and were initially used to improve grip strength, shoulder mobility, and overall upper-body strength.

  • Weight Distribution: The weight of club bells is evenly distributed throughout their length, making them suitable for swinging, rotating, and changing directions.
  • Exercises: Clubbell exercises mostly include circular movements. These rotational movements challenge your wrist, shoulders, and core muscles. They improve your joint mobility and stability.

Macebells, also known as maces, have a long, single shaft with a weighted head at one end. The head of the mace is ball-shaped and can vary in weight. They are used to build core strength, shoulder stability, and grip strength. It enhances endurance and coordination.

  • Weight Distribution: A macebell is heavy on one side, and that makes it work your core and shoulders hard while helping you keep steady. It's all about balance and control.
  • Exercises: Macebell exercises are like swinging, lunging, and twisting movements, kinda like using club bells.

What weight should I start with Macebell?

Whether you are male or female, no matter which style of mace you choose, the safest option is to start with a Macebell weight between 3 and 5 kg.

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