How to choose the best adjustable benches for your home gym?

The foldable bench set is ideal for home gym centers as it includes pop-pin chrome slide track changes and is intended to work freely or close by any squat rack, half pen, Smith machine, and other weight lifting equipment.

Here are the 7 factors to look into when you buy adjustable weight bench.


  • Check the utmost user load supported by the loading bench.
  • The max load of the bar rest.

How much space it will take up?

Check the dimensions according to the space availability in your space before buying a folding weight bench.

Setting it up

When you choose your ideal foldable weight bench to buy, you must see how easy or difficult it is to assemble the machine.

Adjustments and Settings

  • You must check which upgrades or/and accessories are accessible for your gym foldable workout bench.
  • While buying an adjustable workout bench, choose a fully-featured weights bench as it permits you to perform a wide range of exercises and do the most out of your muscles.
  • In case, you are on a tighter budget to buy a weight bench, then opt for an adjustable bench because you’ll have an option of adding extra pieces later.

Durability and Stability

  • Choose the folding weight bench that matches your strength, weight, and height.
  • You must check the solidity of the bench, shoulder stands, bar, and set of disc weights.

Safety and Comfort

  • The adjustable bench should have enough big backrest, because it allows you to perform your bench presses comfortably and preferably at an incline.
  • Choose a bench that is non-movable as well as comfortable and adjustable.
  • The shoulder stands must be adjustable both in height and size.
  • Check whether the adjustable workout bench has safety catches and spotters.

Warranty Length

This is an important criterion that you must look into before buying a foldable weight bench in UAE. The durability & warranty of your bench decides whether you can fix any issues that may occur during that period of time.

Which are the Best Brands for Adjustable Bench available Online?

There are 3 best brands that you must opt for if you looking to buy an folding weight bench.

Marcy USA

  • Marcy’s Workout Bench burns calories lose weight and build muscle right in the comforts of your home.
  • Made from powerful powder-coated steel and supported with high-density upholstery, this bench effectively resists scratches and chipping, guaranteeing that it will last an extended time.
  • This adaptable equipment lets you accomplish a variety of exercises to target the development of specific muscle groups within a small space.
  • With its small structure, you can efficiently place this space-saving gear in even the smallest home gym.

BH Fitness

  • Designed for regular use at home, it is the best choice for beginners and home fitness enthusiasts that want to advance their training in multiple settings.
  • Train together with your weight with an excellent sort of exercises.
  • Maximum stability and safety.
  • It ensures a restful position during the exercise and therefore the maximum protection against injuries.
  • It increases comfort during the exercise.


  • The heavy-duty 2" x 3" steel frame can easily handle a load capacity of 600 Lbs.
  • The back and seat pads lock into eight positions to align your body for perfect posture in each of your exercises while the ultra-thick firm upholstery supports you comfortably through the most powerful workouts.
  • Lock your legs within the T-Bar Leg Hold Down featuring oversize rollers for extra comfort and stability while you perform upper and lower abdominal exercises as well as incline and decline.

Buy foldable weight bench online at best price!

Prosportsae offers a wide range of featured gym adjustable benches that you are looking for. Some of the features in Prosportsae adjustable workout bench has:

  • You can do Eight-positions to 75 degrees upright, incline, flat, and decline in the bench Rapid adjustments.
  • Adjustable leg holder.
  • 135kg of total weight capacity.
  • Get 1 year of warranty.

Prosportsae is the leading vendor for premium quality foldable weight benches across UAE. Are you looking for gym workout benches at a reasonable price, then buy them from our online store & get the maximum discount.

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    Proform 225l Training Bench Pro | Prosportsae

    Regular price Dhs. 255
    Sale price Dhs. 255 Regular price Dhs. 441
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    Description : Take your home workouts to the next level with the ProForm Sport Incline/Decline Bench XT, featuring flat, incline, and decline positions, 4 foam rollers...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Delux 2X3 Utility Stool GST20 SET

    Regular price Dhs. 779
    Sale price Dhs. 779 Regular price Dhs. 1,215
    Sale Sold out

    Description: Rock-solid tool for performing seated exercises Works great in a rack for barbell exercises Designed to align your body to perfect seated posture Reduce stress...

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    Impulse Fitness

    Impulse Fitness FID Bench - SL7012

    Regular price Dhs. 1,971
    Sale price Dhs. 1,971 Regular price Dhs. 2,655
    Sale Sold out

    Description: Main Frame: Commercial grade 50mm*100mm*2.5mm square tubing with electrostatic power-coating ensures ultra durability. Upholstery: High-density poly-foam offers comfort and endurability. Bearing: High-precision industrial grade ball...

  • - 12 %

    Insight Fitness

    Insight Fitness Preacher Curl - DR020B | Prosportsae

    Regular price Dhs. 1,247
    Sale price Dhs. 1,247 Regular price Dhs. 1,425
    Sale Sold out

    Features: Adjustable seat to accommodate all user heights and angled at 10 degrees for enhanced stability and comfort. The 30 degree arm pad for varying resistance...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Pro Clubline Flat Bench SFB125

    Regular price Dhs. 983
    Sale price Dhs. 983 Regular price Dhs. 1,612
    Sale Sold out

    Features: The Body-Solid Pro Clubline SFB125 Flat Bench is a no-frills flat workout bench with extra-thick upholstery and a heavy-duty steel base. Constructed with a 5...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Flat Bench GFB350 | Prosportsae

    Regular price Dhs. 643
    Sale price Dhs. 643 Regular price Dhs. 1,039
    Sale Sold out

    Description: Perfect for basic barbell and dumbbell exercises Wide base eliminates rocking Extra-thick Dura Firm pad Welded construction for all four sides Ideal for home and...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Fixed Incline Olympic Weightlifting Bench SIB359G

    Regular price Dhs. 2,614
    Sale price Dhs. 2,614 Regular price Dhs. 4,176
    Sale Sold out

    Description : This Strength Training Benches is a heavy Duty Bench Press Which comes with Double Support Frame Pipe Along with Barbells Clumps Tightener. Strength Training...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Pro Clubline Decline Olympic Bench SDB351G | Prosportsae

    Regular price Dhs. 2,423
    Sale price Dhs. 2,423 Regular price Dhs. 5,543
    Sale Sold out

    Features: Adjustable leg hold positions for comfort and safety Comes with Double Support Frame Along with Barbells Clumps Tightener Made from high quality materials Ideal for...

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    LivePro Flat Bench - LP6060

    Regular price Dhs. 1,829
    Sale price Dhs. 1,829 Regular price Dhs. 2,286
    Sale Sold out

    Features: All steel, T base, stable and durable. The surface of the bench seat is made of high quality PU material, which is wear-resistant and easy...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Preacher Curl Bench-GPCB329

    Regular price Dhs. 1,320
    Sale price Dhs. 1,320 Regular price Dhs. 2,108
    Sale Sold out

    Features: Isolating the biceps for maximum concentration and development Building overall biceps mass including the often difficult lower biceps Preacher curl bench is set to a...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Heavy Duty Roman Chair GRCH322

    Regular price Dhs. 1,461
    Sale price Dhs. 1,461 Regular price Dhs. 2,344
    Sale Sold out

    Fitness professionals worldwide recognize the Roman Chair & Back Hyperextension for its unsurpassed development of the abdominal, oblique, lower back, glute, and hamstrings. Thick, double-stitched DuraFirm"!...

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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Adjustable Bench A8007 - Flat / Incline / Decline

    Regular price Dhs. 999
    Sale price Dhs. 999 Regular price Dhs. 1,299
    Sale Sold out

    Features: Sturdy and heavy-duty commercial grade structure.  Adjustable to flat, incline, decline, and vertical positions. 2 Built-in transport wheels and a handle, just lift it and...

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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Adjustable Commercial Bench with Preacher Curl Extension - X3-0112A

    Regular price Dhs. 1,999
    Sale price Dhs. 1,999 Regular price Dhs. 2,454
    Sale Sold out

    Features :  1441 Fitness Commercial Bench adjusts quickly and easily from Flat to Incline Position. It includes height-adjustable preacher curl attachment for greater versatility in your...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Full Commercial Adjustable Flat/Incline/Decline Bench SFID425 UAE

    Regular price Dhs. 1,682
    Sale price Dhs. 1,682 Regular price Dhs. 2,965
    Sale Sold out

    Features: The SFID425 features thick, durable padding and multiple independent back/seat adjustments. The seat pad can be adjusted to flat, 10, and 18 degrees; while the...

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    - 6 %

    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Multi Adjustable Bench - 41AN12

    Regular price Dhs. 1,699
    Sale price Dhs. 1,699 Regular price Dhs. 1,800
    Sale Sold out

    Description :  Adustable taining bench.The resulting inclined position targets your upper chest and the front side of your shoulders more the standard flat bench.The lightweight design...

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    Insight Fitness

    Insight Fitness Flat | Incline | Decline Bench DH029

    Regular price Dhs. 1,641
    Sale price Dhs. 1,641 Regular price Dhs. 1,974
    Sale Sold out

    The Insight Flat Incline Decline Bench is a highly durable product that can make your workouts even more effective. It is made from high quality material...

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    Marcy adjustable utility bench for home gym workout SB 670 | prosportsae

    Regular price Dhs. 720
    Sale price Dhs. 720 Regular price Dhs. 1,300
    Sale Sold out

    Description : Bring your home gym workout to a whole new level with the Marcy SB-670 Adjustable Utility Weight Bench. With a six-position design, this versatile...

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    Body Solid

    Commercial Flat/Incline/Decline Bench, 2 Feet x 3 Inch GFID71

    Regular price Dhs. 1,309
    Sale price Dhs. 1,309 Regular price Dhs. 2,807
    Sale Sold out

    Description Heavy-duty 2" x 3" steel frame Easily handle a load capacity of 600 Lbs (272 kg) Back and seat pads lock into eight positions Ultra-thick...

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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Super Adjustable Flat ,Incline Bench - 41FF39

    Regular price Dhs. 1,499
    Sale price Dhs. 1,499 Regular price Dhs. 1,850
    Sale Sold out

    Description: Expand your workout options with the same bench used in clubs and hotels worldwide. With wheels and a handle to easily move around your workout...

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    Impulse Fitness

    Impulse Fitness IT7011 Multi Adjustable Bench

    Regular price Dhs. 1,826
    Sale price Dhs. 1,826 Regular price Dhs. 2,342
    Sale Sold out

    Description: 4mm Oval Steel Frame Structure Tilt and Seat Adjustment with Quick Release Extra Thick Padding Made of Highly Compressed Foam Filling Compatible with Many Multi...

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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Commercial Flat Bench - A0011

    Regular price Dhs. 399
    Sale price Dhs. 399 Regular price Dhs. 798
    Sale Sold out

    Features: The essential bench for any gym, home or professional The great sturdy design makes all exercises easy and comfortable to perform Extra thick high density...

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    Impulse Fitness

    Impulse Fitness Heavy Duty Adjustable Bench - IFFID

    Regular price Dhs. 1,012
    Sale price Dhs. 1,012 Regular price Dhs. 1,995
    Sale Sold out

    Description : Without a doubt, the cornerstone of all strength training equipment is the Flat/Incline/Decline Bench and nothing comes close to the IFFID. The heavy-duty 2"...

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    Force USA

    FORCE USA Pro Series FID Bench

    Regular price Dhs. 2,505
    Sale price Dhs. 2,505 Regular price Dhs. 2,783
    Sale Sold out

    Description : Boost your member experience by adding the versatile and durable Force USA® Pro Series FID Bench to your commercial gym. This incredible looking piece...

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    1441 Fitness

    1441 Fitness Foldable Decline Sit Up Bench with Reverse Crunch Handle - B006

    Regular price Dhs. 270
    Sale price Dhs. 270 Regular price Dhs. 450
    Sale Sold out

    Features: Recently upgraded to provide even greater stability: High-Strength steel tubes for ab exercise equipment that provides maximum support to core workouts. High strength 4-way frame...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Power line Multi Bench PFID125X

    Regular price Dhs. 739
    Sale price Dhs. 739 Regular price Dhs. 1,511
    Sale Sold out

    This bench comes completely assembled in the box. Open it up and get to work. Features 7 adjustment positions for flexibility and comfort. Features transport wheels...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

    Regular price Dhs. 965
    Sale price Dhs. 965 Regular price Dhs. 1,541
    Sale Sold out

    The Body-Solid GDFID225 Multi-Bench is the perfect training partner - functional, compact, portable and durable. It requires no assembly and is designed to be used straight...

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    LivePro Adjustable Bench - LP6061

    Regular price Dhs. 2,402
    Sale price Dhs. 2,402 Regular price Dhs. 2,971
    Sale Sold out

    Description: Liveproƒ??s multifunctional dumbbell bench has a combination of three configurations cushion adjustments and nine configurations for backrest adjustment. This bench can easily adjust to every...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid Semi Recumbent Ab Bench GAB300

    Regular price Dhs. 1,688
    Sale price Dhs. 1,688 Regular price Dhs. 3,037
    Sale Sold out

    Features: 5-position seat, 5-position upper ab arm and 4-position lower ab leg support adjust to accommodate any size user. Ergonomically positioned handles provide a natural, fluid,...

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    1441 Fitness

    Multipurpose Commercial Grade Utility Bench - 41AN41

    Regular price Dhs. 630
    Sale price Dhs. 630 Regular price Dhs. 950
    Sale Sold out

    Description: This Multi-Purpose Bench features a sturdy steel frame construction with a long-lasting powder-coated finish for increased durability. It will take your workouts to another level...

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    ProForm Flat Bench PFBE01120

    Regular price Dhs. 300
    Sale price Dhs. 300 Regular price Dhs. 399
    Sale Sold out

     Features : Ideal for any home gym Steel frame for strength and versatility Padded, sewn-vinyl seat for comfort Easy to clean for low-maintenance care Ideal for for crunches, chest presses,...

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    Body Solid

    Body Solid FID46 Powerlift Adjustable Bench

    Regular price Dhs. 1,887
    Sale price Dhs. 1,887 Regular price Dhs. 3,265
    Sale Sold out

    The heavy duty FID46 is based on a heavy gauge 3 inch round stock steel mainframe with gives it a 1,000lb. capacity. The 9-position seat and...

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    Impulse Fitness

    Impulse FitnessSeated Preacher Curl IFSPC

    Regular price Dhs. 822
    Sale price Dhs. 822 Regular price Dhs. 1,068
    Sale Sold out

    Model Number 13070400-101

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    BH Fitness

    BH Fitness Bench Atlanta 300 G59X| Prosportsae

    Regular price Dhs. 450
    Sale price Dhs. 450 Regular price Dhs. 489
    Sale Sold out

    Description : Exercise all the muscles of the upper body at home. The Atlanta 300 flat bench offers an absolute comfort and stability during the training....