5 Different Types of Cardio Machines that Burn More Calorie!

5 Different Types of Cardio Machines that Burn More Calorie!

Looking for best cardio machines for home? In this article we have shared different types of cardio equipment's that helps you to burn calories more faster. With all the amazing cuisines to try and parties to attend, we all end up in a situation at some point in life, to finally focus on fitness no matter the reasons. The best form of exercise that ensure good heart health and promises to address other fitness issues like weight loss, weight gain, maintaining core strength, and even more are cardio exercises.

Best Home Cardio Equipment | Different Types of Cardio Machines

The best home cardio exercise machines to help you in your fitness regime is discussed as follows:



Treadmills are one of the most famous low-impact cardio machines that work the core out. With a lot of amazing features, a treadmill can be used for running, walking, and inclined walking and has even more to offer. The speed can always be adjusted to match your walking and running speed. Increasing the incline, the speed, and walking backward can all boost up the intensity and help you shed pounds.

Indoor Cycling:- 


The indoor cycle is another cardio machine to give you a cycling experience at home. Though an outdoor bike ride can be great exercise, indoor cycling gives you better control of your pace and difficulty level and adds up to your fitness regime. In order to burn the most calories on an indoor cycle, you can make adjustments and increase the difficulty level to increase the physical impact of the exercise on your body.

Rowing Machine:- 


An unexpected calorie burner, the rowing machine works the entire body to mimic the action of rowing a boat. The best equipment to boost heart health, the rowing machine is well-known to work the entire body and engage almost all the crucial muscle groups of your body. Try using the equipment at a higher stroke for an increased and visible impact.

Stair Climber:- 


Out of all the different types of cardio equipment, stair climbers are known to offer a grueling cardiovascular workout. Since stair climbing uses some of the largest muscle groups of your body, a stair climber lets you focus and engage your crucial muscles, like quads and glutes, and gets you effective results in a relatively lesser period of time. In order to amplify weight loss and calorie burn, it is suggestible to use the stair-climber for a high-intensity interval training workout.

Elliptical Cross Trainer:- 


Along with being low-impact cardio equipment for you, the elliptical is the equipment to make the physical activity less stressful and easier for you. Elliptical Cross Trainer are often geared to facilitate weight loss, using intervals to automatically change the resistance level, speed, and stride length according to your body's needs. You can also experiment with the motion of an elliptical, going in reverse and holding on to the non-stationary handlebars of the equipment to optimize caloric burn.

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