Which is better Treadmill or Elliptical for Losing Weight?

Which is better Treadmill or Elliptical for Losing Weight?

Treadmill and Elliptical are two pieces of training equipment to land you with a low-impact cardio session and help you lose extra fat. Both the machines are typically flogged in a gym these days with more people understanding the convenience behind the simulation that these gym equipment create of natural running and walking motion, the best part being you can adjust them according to your need. But it all narrows down to one question, which is better: a treadmill or an elliptical for weight loss?

To truly point out, both of them have a lot of similarities and both are equally efficient when it comes to weight loss, the choice between the cross trainer and treadmill is a personal pursuit based on your body requirements. Here is a comparison of the pros and cons of an elliptical cross trainer and a treadmill machine.


Pros of Working out on a Cross Trainer Vs Treadmill

The treadmill is versatile training equipment that can help in your cardio workout and it is quite simple to maintain the ideal speed according to your needs. With many treadmills guaranteeing speed ranges from 0.5 mph to 12 mph, speed can help in making your workouts more challenging and interesting and to add more fun to the task you can change the incline of the treadmill. Though it is good for the entire body, its main advantages lie in strengthening your leg muscles and mostly the treadmill benefits your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

The main elliptical machine benefits is that its a low-impact training machine with a focus on safety especially at the beginner level or after recovering from a recent injury. The cross trainer is easy on the knees and joints and can burn the same amount of calories as a treadmill without putting much pressure on people suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis. It is easy on the hip and back and its handles ensure your arm muscles are also involved giving an overall body muscles training experience.


Cons of Working out on a Cross Trainer Vs Treadmill

The treadmill holds the bigger downside as it holds better benefits, too much repetitive movement makes your knee, ankle, and hip sensitive and open to injuries. The treadmill is all about creating a simulation of natural walking or running experience where you are essentially bouncing on a horizontally forward propelling automated belt.

When it comes to a low-impact cross trainer, it is essentially designed to work from the momentum you create by pedalling your feet and you burning fewer calories.

Both the training equipment have their benefits and downsides, but when it comes to which is a better treadmill or elliptical, the answer mostly relies on your experience level and body requirements. Where an elliptical will burn 773 calories in the one-hour session, jogging on a treadmill shows that an individual burns 705 to 866 calories. If you want to be soft on your knees and joints an elliptical cross trainer can get you to achieve your fitness goal, but if you are looking for the best way to burn calories and shed fat in a shorter amount of time, the treadmill is your best pal.

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