Power Tower Buying Guide

Power Tower Buying Guide

When you are embarking on a fitness journey, it is crucial to invest in equipment that is not only versatile but also sturdy and guaranteed to last for years. Now, whether you want to build a workout station in your garage or launch a professional gym, you need high-quality investment equipment that can cater to multiple muscle movements and will help you make the best out of your workout time and regime. One such versatile piece of equipment is a Power Tower. Depending upon the design, a good-quality power tower is an all-in-one equipment that includes multiple workout parts like a horizontal bar, parallel bars, and multiple handles that will help you work on your full-body strength and even perform calisthenics. This gym equipment is ideally used for performing pull-ups, dips, and more. Despite being a popular and beneficial equipment, it can be hard to find the ideal power tower. Hence, we, at ProSportsae, have curated a power tower buying guide to help you make the best investment.

When looking for a Power Tower that meets your needs and fits your budget, use the following tips before buying a dip station:

Space Availability
Power Towers are designed with wide legs that can take up a good amount of space. Wider footprints on the equipment will help it remain stable and make your workout sessions easier. It ensures that the equipment will not move when you perform dips, pull-ups, etc. Though some models have smaller footprints, you need to measure the space you have to make a wise choice.

Multi-Purpose Design
Power Towers are available in a variety of designs and sizes hence it is vital to know which exercises you prefer to perform. While some power tower stations are designed with heavy-duty squat racks and pull-up bars, others feature the multi-grip pull-up and a dip station. For better utility, you can also invest in a compact power tower with cushioned adjustable seat, back support, multiple grips, and weight stacks and selectors. Ensure that your power tower trainer lets you perform variations of every exercise. However, it should have an uncomplicated design so anyone can use it at the gym.

Exercises to Perform
Determine the exercises you want to include in your workout regime to find the personalized equipment. If you want a dip station power tower, it will help you train your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back. Users who want to increase their workout density, use the Bowflex body tower with a commercial-grade steel frame. It offers seven adjustment levels for performing more than 20 different types of exercises to target your complete upper body. For someone who wants a proper workout experience at home, the Weider Pro Power Rack with lat pull-down. Ideally designed for every home power lifter, this trainer caters to variant body shapes. It will help you build total body strength and develop upper body, lower body, and core muscles.

Use these tips before buying a dip station for your home or gym to ensure that you get the best out of your budget. A premium-quality power tower equipment will last for years and will not budge from its place. It should be designed with a sturdy frame for your comfort and safety.

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