4 Best Rowing Machine for a Full-body Cardio Workouts in 2022!

4 Best Rowing Machine for a Full-body Cardio Workouts in 2022!

Our soul resides in the abode of our body. So self-care has to start with taking care of our cardiovascular health. The tried and tested way to take care of your heart and body is to engage in aerobic exercise for at least thirty minutes each day. Among many exercises, rowing is the best type of exercise as it uses both your upper and lower body with each stroke. It enhances your endurance and strengthens your muscles.

Best Type of Rowing Machine for Home | Different Types of Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are also known as ergometers and indoor rowing is liked so much that it is enjoyed in a competitive world of sports and it is now becoming the staple for home gyms. They equip you with the benefits of a full body workout with low-intensity cardio and calorie burning effectively. The technique of rowing one stroke has four phases: the catch, the drive, the finish, and the recovery. There are four different types of rowing machines available:

Flywheel Rowing Machine:- 

The flywheel rowing machine offers air resistance created using the fans on the flywheel. It is very close in feel to the natural outdoor rowing experience as you receive resistance from pulling motion which spins the vanes on the flywheel. The harder you pull the more resistance is offered with a more continuous and smoother rowing stroke making it the most popular rowing machine. You can also adjust the airflow to the flywheel according to your needs.

Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine:- 

The magnetic resistance offered by permanent magnets or electromagnetic braking mechanism makes it the most silent machine in the gym, unlike flywheel rowing machines which use air. It provides the smoothest rowing experience as there is no friction in the air and water-based rowing machines. There is a combination of both magnetic and air-based rowing machines available which makes the best of both the machines.

Water Rowers:- 

The water rowing machine is based on the model of outdoor rowing. It has a paddle revolving in an enclosed water tank which recreates the experience of rowing a boat in a water body. The resistance is offered by dragging the paddles as the water moves past the tank. It is best for training and preparing for competitive outdoor rowing. It is constructed with a wooden material so the vibrations are almost absent as compared with other rowing machines and you only hear the splashes of water.


Hydraulic Rowing Machine:- 


The piston or cylinder-based rowing machine is calibrated to create resistance using air or fluid. They are the most affordable as they are economical and compact. So they are the best for a home gym where space is a concern. They use the technique where synchronizing your arm and leg movement together is restricted. Hence it does not help in performing a full-body natural rowing workout as compared with other rowing machines. They are the quietest when it comes to noise and help you in meditating and moving your body in sync with your mind. They are the best type of rowing machine for home use due to their simplicity and affordability.

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