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Shua 4 Station Multi-Gym

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Elevate your fitness routine with the Shua 4 Station Multi-Gym, expertly designed to meet the demands of high-end home use and light commercial environments. This versatile fitness powerhouse is perfectly suited for various settings, including upscale residences, hotels, office gyms, and personal training studios. The Shua 4 Station Multi-Gym is your gateway to a comprehensive full-body workout experience.


Key Features:

Light Commercial Excellence: Tailored for high-end home use and versatile enough for light commercial applications, the Shua 4 Station Multi-Gym brings top-notch fitness to your doorstep.

Exercise Variety: This multi-gym offers a wide range of exercises to target every major muscle group, allowing you to sculpt your physique and improve your strength. You can enjoy:

1. Leg Press: Build powerful lower body strength and muscle definition.
2. Hack Squat: Develop your leg muscles with controlled, safe movements.
3. Chest Press: Strengthen your chest and upper body.
4. Cable Flys: Isolate and tone your chest and arm muscles.
5. Hi/Lo Pulley: Engage various muscle groups with adjustable pulley exercises.
6. Lat Pull Down: Develop a strong back and upper body.
7. VKR Station (Leg Raise & Dips): Enhance your core and upper body with vertical knee raises and dips.
8. Leg Extension: Isolate your quadriceps for targeted leg workouts.

Quality Craftsmanship:


  • Color: The main frame boasts a sleek black gauze grain shield, while the upper baffle features a stylish matte grey flashing silver finish.
  • Main Functions: Versatility is key with features like Chest Press, Lat Pull Down, Low Pulley, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Cable Flys, and the VKR Station.
  • Main Tube: The main tube, with dimensions of 50x100x2.0mm, is designed for durability, ensuring your multi-gym stands the test of time.
  • Slider Bar: High hardness and high precision linear guide technology guarantee a smooth and seamless workout experience.
  • Cushion: Enjoy comfort during your workouts with the adjustable black durable PU upholstery.
  • Weights: The Shua 4 Station Multi-Gym includes two noiseless weight stacks, providing you with 66/90kg of resistance. The Hack Squat feature can accommodate up to 120kg in weight plates (not included).
  • Weight Allowance: The Shua 4 Station Multi-Gym supports a maximum user weight of 135kg, ensuring it accommodates a wide range of fitness enthusiasts.
  • Packing: nThis multi-gym is conveniently packed in a sturdy carton for safe and efficient delivery.
  • Product Dimensions: The Shua 4 Station Multi-Gym measures 2550x2450x2080mm, making it a space-efficient addition to your fitness setup.

Elevate your fitness journey and unlock your potential with the Shua 4 Station Multi-Gym. Whether you're looking to enhance your home gym or cater to your clients in a small commercial facility, this multi-gym offers exceptional versatility, durability, and exercise options to help you achieve your fitness goals.