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Livepro - Livepro Selectorized Power Rack - LP6004

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Description :

The original intention behind the design of the HLP rack is to use it to replace three large, heavy, and expensive equipment. It is designed to replace a squat rack, backdrop rack, and a functional trainer.The rack hopes to provide the best performance, be more useful, and provide better quality at the price of regular household appliances. Each rack is equipped with standard J-hooks and protective arms, making it a perfect base for various accessories. The two 100kg weight sets have built in rods with double high and low pulley systems. The customizable frame can accommodate multiple forms of training at one time. The weight that it comes with is enough to challenge even the strongest weightlifters.

Features :

1.High quality material :
This rack is made of Q235 high quality steel that is laser cut with seamless welding technology making it more stable and durable.

2.Surface spray :
The surface of the rack is sprayed black and treated with high temperatures. The matte coating increases the rackƒ??s feel and texture. The coating is both beautiful and thick. Each piece is exposed to special sandblasting and a chemical cleaning process. Then, it is painted to increase corrosion resistance, thus will not easily rust.

3.Free to adjust :
Hanging holes are evenly distributed and fill the whole column. You can adjust the position of the hook according to your own training requirements to provide unlimited training possibilities.

4.Multiple storage positions :
There are a total of three two piece hangers on each side of the rack to meet the storage requirements of the plates. There are two Olympic bar hooks on the back, giving the rack the ability to store two Olympic bars. The real panel of the main body is designed to accommodate multiple hook positions and multiple medicanial accessories.

5.Sturdy shelf :
The rack has 75x75x3mm pipes, can bear an overall weight of 455kg, and is extremely load bearing.

6.Diversified training :
This rack comes with a counterweight that can be freely adjusted. There are mechanical accessories that can perform a variety of lifting motions. There are many matching accessories that provide a variety of training techniques.

7.Logo and warranty :
Liveproƒ??s trademark is engraved on the steel plate and will not wear out. There is a 1 year guaranteed warranty for damage.

8.Various scenes :
This rack is suitable for commercial gyms, clubs, fitness studios, and home gyms. It is a wise choice for investors.

Technical Parameters

Brand Livepro
Color Black
Material Steel+PP
Weight 455kg
Weight Capacity 600 Kg
Steel pipe size 75??75??3mm
Product size 194.5??178.6??240.6cm
Accessories 1 pair of safety frames


1 pair of hooks

6 bells hanging rod

2 barbell bar racks

1 set of rowing pedals

1 set of high drop down cushion

1 set of adjustable pull-up frame

2 simple pull handles

Single side 100KG select iron