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Livepro Dip Belt - LP8098 (Black)

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Dip belt weight belt is made of a combination of PU material on the front and polyester on the inside, which is thick and tight. These features make it one of the more comfortable weight belts on the market. The belt is 19 cm wide at its widest point, is lightweight and extremely durable. It conforms to the natural shape of your body. 

Steel D-rings and perlon allow you to reach higher load capacity. Put the belt on your waist. Attach the weight to the sling and attach the end of the sling with the carabiner to the D-ring of the belt. The combination of PU front material and polyester back material is thin and lightweight, making it an ultra-light fitness belt compared to traditional leather belts. The belt is 98 cm long and 19 cm wide at its widest point. 

One size fits many body types. The outer PU leather is soft and waterproof. It is easy to clean and maintain. The polyester inside is high-strength, breathable and sweat-absorbent material, which is more comfortable to wear. Sturdy double stitching on both sides of the belt increases durability. It is used for waist weight training. It will be a smart choice for gyms.


You can apply more resistance to your muscles during exercises with a dip belt.
 This helps accelerate muscle development. 
It helps strengthen the chest, triceps and shoulder muscles, especially when used in exercises targeting the upper body muscles. 
Exercises performed with a dip belt add variety to your exercise routines and allow you to do advanced exercises.


  • PU, polyester and perlon material
  • Weighs 570 g
  • 98 cm long
  • 19 cm at its widest point
  • Perlon length 89 cm
  • 8 pearls
  • D-shaped ring diameter 6 cm