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LivePro 7 feet Cerakote Training Bar - LP8085

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Liveproƒ??s Menƒ??s Colored Porcelain training rods are colorful, stylish in design, and have enormous tensile strength. Eight rolling pins embedded in the barbell enhance rotational force while reducing friction and wear.

A QPQ salt bath composite treatment technology is used on the barbells to improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and reduce fatigue strength of the metal surface. The resin ceramic grips are very ruable and the medium level knurled design on the bars surface handles improve grip and comfort. Even if your palms are sweaty from exercise, you can still firmly hold them.


  • Accuracy:?ÿThe length of the bar is 2.2m, 28mm diameter handle, and a weight of 20kg. The weight and size of each rod are accurately calculated and cut with a weight tolerance of +/- 1%.
  • Knurled Design:?ÿIn accordance with the IWF standard knurling marks, this barbell has two sections of knurling at the handheld area with a spacing of 5mm. This knurling is beautiful and enhances the grip.
  • Straightening Process:?ÿSteel could deform under a combination of thermal stress and structural stress. We will straighten deformed barbells.
  • Detect:?ÿOur barbells have no flaws such as cracks, slag inclusions, bubbles, and other safety critical defects. Under the action of 3800N static load, the round jump value of the barbell bar after removing the external force is not more than 0.6mm. The barbells 8 needle rollers, 2 copper sleeves, and barbell rod sleeves can rotate flexibly.


Brand Livepro
Color black+blue/red/grey
Material 40Cr alloy steel
Weight range 20kg
Length 220cm (tolerance +/-0.5mm)
Bearing weight 1000LB
Knurling IWF 1.2mm
Bearing needle roller ?? 8, copper sleeve ?? 2
Tensile strength 160K PSI
Grip diameter 28mm
Grip length 131cm
Grip surface treatment porcelain
Sleeve diameter 50mm
Sleeve length 41.5cm
Sleeve surface treatment QPQ black treatment