various uses and exercise of squat rack

Various Uses of Squat Rack

If there is one strength training equipment that proves its versatility amongst professional bodybuilders, beginners, and everyone in between is squat racks. They are durable metal frames with moveable bars designed to hold Olympic barbells at your chosen height, enabling the provision to carry out several different strength training exercises.

Various Uses of Squat rack in dubai

different exercise of squat rack

Benefits of Using a Squat Rack

1. If Squat Rack exercises are performed correctly it has proved to show massive benefits when it comes to primary targeted muscles being the quads and glutes.

2. One more area where improvement is seen is the ‘Core’. Exercising with a Squat Rack strengthens the core which can be noticed while lifting heavy weights.

3. Squatting helps to develop the explosive power necessary to perform heavy weight lifting. The leg muscles and core are the areas benefitted the most.

4. If you place a calf block near the squat stand then you can also effectively work your calves. This would actually work on your gastrocnemius muscle, whereas a seated calf raise machine focuses more on your soleus muscle but both together will give you overall growth of your calves.

5. Squat racks offer you safety so that you can lift heavy weights without the need of a spotter next to you.

Different Ways to Use a Squat Rack

Different Ways to Use a Squat Rack

1. Back Squats - These are basically classic squats where the barbell is positioned at the bottom of your shoulders. This puts the weight directly over your posterior chain. They are great for working your quads, as well as your hamstrings, glutes, core and lower back.

2. Shoulder Press - Weight benches are designed to support you while you train, helping you to keep your posture and guide your movements. By doing shoulder presses on a weight bench, your upper body needs to work harder, because you haven’t got the extra push and momentum you would normally get from doing them standing up.

3. Flat Bench Press - Great for targeting both your pecs and your triceps, flat bench presses will give you the weight you need to build muscle and get stronger. Set the spotter bars so they are just above your chest and make sure the bar rests are low enough for you to comfortably unrack the bar to get started.

4. Barbell Lunges - Lunges don’t require a high level of hip flexibility to be able to get to full depth, which makes them great for doing more intense levels of glute, hamstring and quad work. As well as doing standard lunges, you can also use the weight bench to do Bulgarian split squats which are great for building strength as well as giving you a challenging workout.

5. Dips - Dips are great for working your chest, arms and core, as well as your wrists and forearms.

What to Look for in a Squat Rack

1. The first thing to look for in a squat rack, no matter the quality, features, or flexibility, is the size of the rack. In order to set up the squat rack one will have to make sure that the size is right to fit the floor.

2. The next thing to look for in a squat rack is the quality of the machine. You should also consider the amount of weight and frequency of use that the squat rack will see. But do not only plan based on how much you lift now, plan based on how much you plan to live 3, 5, and even 10 years from now. Check the quality of steel used.

3. Make sure the squat rack that one of the pros associated with the squat rack is that it is easy to use and more specifically easy to adjust.

4. In addition to the actual functionality of the squat rack, you should also look at which squat racks in UAE have the longest warranty, best offers and quickest shipping options, and how easy it is to assemble.

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