Theragun G3 Gun, The secret sideline weapon for fitness recovery. |

Theragun G3 Gun, The secret sideline weapon for fitness recovery.

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Fitness recovery is essential for any workout routine and should be given serious attention because it doesn’t only relax the muscles; it also helps in tissue repair and strength building. These recovery routines or energy replenishment have serious impact on the overall functionality of your fitness program which affects your fitness gains and sport performance and if harnessed properly it allows you train much more effectively. A survey by Market Probe International showed that in 1000 men and women that exercised, 82% felt they weren’t doing enough to help their bodies recover after exercise and about 36% said they didn’t want to recover after a workout.

When it comes to recovery fitness, there are several methods that can be used such as rest, gentle stretching, dieting and massage.

Theragun G3:

At Theragun G3 we are revolutionizing the entire body’s health with the breakthrough science of percussive therapy. Our devices are created to give the very best and most efficient results and deeper massages. The theragun G3 pro is the perfect device to deliver the best massage, it powerful, light and streamlined with a premium finish. Theragun G3 is the latest version of most successful Theragun G2

Theragun Finish

Theragun G3 is a massage handheld machine that is equipped with top notch technology, user friendly and portable. It is made to give the best and most powerful muscle treatment, improve performance and recovery and give you its user, natural pain relief.

Theragun G3 Features:

Industrial grade quality: with a new and improved gearbox and cutting edge sound insulation the sound generated has been cut by 50% making it very noiseless compared to other earlier models. It is also backed up by an amazing 2 years warranty ensuring that you have the best conditions to invest in yourself with total confidence and Prosportsae offers free shipping and 7 days free return, so you really don’t have any excuse to get this amazing machine.

Theragun G3 Pro

It has an improved performance and recovery output:

Instead of waiting for the classic 24-48 hours for the muscles that has been worked out to recover, with the G3 it only takes 30 seconds per muscle group to improve muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and performance after any intense workout. It is designed to deliver force of different intensities to ensure it hits the right spot the right way ensuring its effects are felt I the deepest parts of the muscles to relieve soreness and help speed up the recovery process.

Fast and effective myofascial release:

The G3’s 60lbs of force allows it aid the release of muscle conditions such as knots, cramps and spasms without stress on your wrist or hand when holding it because of its amazing ergonomic multi-grip handle and its light weight of 3.10 lbs.

Theragun G3 Customized functions:  

Different muscle types and different people require variants in the type of massage they require and the G3 has made itself flexible to accommodate all these differences and uniqueness of all your muscular needs.

  • It has six precise engineered pro attachments for targeted areas of thee body which require specific relief
  • It has adjustable arm lengths which makes it possible for you to fully customize your relief treatment. This helps maximize the effect of your percussive therapy and you can now read all those difficult to reach areas easily with not just adjustable arms but also adjustable angles.  
  • It has two treatment speeds, the first is the standard deep treatment and there is the lighter speed for sore or sensitive areas this design makes it possible to meet the needs of all possible muscle uniqueness perfectly ensuring that all the muscle groups and alignment get the perfect treatment.
  • G3 put into consideration outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and cross country activities that can take users away from electricity so we put in powerful Samsung Lithium-ion cell, 2.5 amp batteries that last for 75 minutes each which can be swapped to ensure continuous use. With this, you can take your Theragun G3 anywhere whether you’re off the grid, in the gym or at home.

Theragun Attachments:

These are the parts that come in contact with the muscles. Due to the different muscle categories densities, locations and needs theragun G3 has made six different attachments making its use flexible and accessible to every type of muscle in the body.

Theragun Accessories


  • The dampener: this attachment is designed to be used on the muscles that are tender or close to bones like the neck and shoulder regions.
  • Large ball: this is designed for the large muscle groups like those found on the thigh, biceps and chest.
  • Standard ball: this is universal and can be used on the entire body.
  • Wedge: this is designed to be used for scraping on places like the shoulder blades, or it bands
  • Thumb: this is designed for trigger point therapy and is used for the lower back
  • Cone: this is used for pinpoint massage and can be used universally.

The Theragun G3 is designed just for you with more flexibility than ever before to ensure that you get maximum comfort and relaxation; it is indeed the perfect massage solution for fitness recovery because it ensures that you feel the good sensation when using it and it touches the muscles just right so that they become loosened allowing blood flow freely. Finally, here is an amazing review video you should watch.

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