The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Weight Bars

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Weight Bars

Ready to kickstart your fitness regime but not sure how, to begin with? With so many machines and equipment available, it may become overwhelming to decide where to begin, especially for beginners. One of the most essential-yet-basic equipment to go for is Barbell and weight bars. Not only do they improve athletic fitness but also are quite beneficial in muscle strengthening. But how do you select the right weight bar? No need to dig in deep as this blog is thereby your ultimate weight bar and barbell buying guide.

Firstly, Consider Your Body Strength and Workout Intensity

Before you jump into buying part, it is recommended that you consider your body strength and the type of workout training you want to undertake. If you are a beginner, you can opt for a basic yet highly-durable 7-Ft Olympic Bar with Color Bumper Plates - 80 KG Set. These are specially designed for full-body workouts from legs and back, squats, and chest presses, making them ideal for strength training as well as Olympic lifting. For higher intensity workouts and professionals who do heavy lifting, weight bars like 1441 Fitness 7 Ft Olympic Bar with Tri-Grip Black Olympic Plates Set | 160 kg are the most suitable option to go for. It allows you to exercise most major muscle groups and is perfect for intense workouts and training.

Weight Bars for Gyms and Fitness Centres

If you are deciding on buying weight bars for gyms or fitness centers, you can go for the most crucial equipment in the free weight area, the Olympic Bar. Barbells like the APUS Heavy Duty 15 kg / 6 Feet Olympic Bar with Collars are specially made for more intensive strength training. Featuring a sturdy tempered and chromed steel construction, solid grip, and attractive finish, these are sure to suit professional gyms.

Weight Bars for Home Gym Set-Up

While buying weight bars and Olympic barbells for home gym set-up it is advisable that you take a measurement of the area and decide on how functional you want the set-up to be. Choose practicality-designed barbells like the 7 Ft Olympic Barbell and Apus Rubber Bumper Plate Set - 120 kg that is suitable for strength training, weight lifting, squats, and other intense workout training.

Lastly, Keep A Check on The Size and Dimensions

While diving into the significant details, we sometimes tend to forget the most basic ones. The weight plate sets are available in different weight quantities starting from 2.5 Kg up to 20Kg. So, you need to choose the perfect size as per the training and exercises you undertake. While shopping online for weight plates, it is essential that you reach out for the ideal dimensions and make sure they can easily fit your rod. With a general diameter of around 45 cm, most of the weights at ProSportae are suited to fit all rods. However, it is always good to check for the exact dimensions of the product you are going for. Once you are sure about the weight and dimensions, you are all set to purchase the perfect weight bar online.

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