Spin Bike or Elliptical Trainer? 4 Key Points to Consider!

Spin Bike or Elliptical Trainer? 4 Key Points to Consider!

Spin Bike or Elliptical Trainer? Which one to choose? Oftentimes people may gets confused between a bike and a cross-trainer. Both machines have their own workout benefits. In this blog, we have discussed 4 key points that can help you to select the ideal machine for your workout. 

Exercising every day and staying fit is the mantra to a healthy lifestyle but with the limited time, we get for ourselves, practicing this activity gets harder. Everybody may not want to step out and exercise. One may find several excuses to not exercise such as the weather is not good outside, I don’t have the resources, and the most popular – I don’t have the time. Your time is invaluable but so is your health. The answer to every excuse is indoor exercises that reduce your travel time and are independent of the weather outdoors. There are various pieces of equipment that help you with exercising indoors. Two of them include a spin bike and an elliptical trainer.

Elliptical Trainer vs Spin Bike | Spin Bike vs Cross Trainer

Let’s find out which one is most suited for you in the battle of elliptical trainers vs spin bikes.

Spin Bike or Elliptical for Weight Loss

The spin bike as, well as a cross trainer (elliptical trainer), is perfect to burn calories, lose weight, and engage in cardiovascular exercises. However, the number of calories burnt will largely depend upon the intensity with which one uses both machines. Often the cross trainer is associated with low-intensity exercises while the spin bike offers an intense exercise routine due to its design and structure. The spin bike requires a more intense workout routine than an elliptical machine to burn the same number of calories.

Impact on Muscles:- 

When choosing between a spin bike and a cross trainer, one must take into account the muscles they want to work out the most. While both the machines work out the legs and core, the elliptical trainer also works the shoulder, chest, biceps, and triceps when used with the arms. The spin bike focuses more on the quadriceps, hamstrings, core, glutes, and calf muscles while the elliptical trainer focuses on the quadriceps, glutes, and the external hip muscles.

Costs and Equipment:- 

Different variants and models of both machines have different prices. The price range for both machines is similar. However, both machines vary when it comes to the experience they are willing to provide. The spin bike focuses on providing a riding experience to the user while the cross trainer focuses on offering experiences like those of walking, running, or climbing. The spin bike offers more adjustability than elliptical bikes.

Storage and Space:- 

Getting gym equipment at home requires reasonable space which one may or may not have. Even though the elliptical trainer is heavier than a spin bike, both of these machines require a significant amount of space in your basement or home. One would want to place the equipment in an adequate space to work out comfortably. Most machines will take up an area measuring 5 ft by 2 ft. However, it will largely depend on the model chosen by the user.


Let’s get back to the question – spin bike vs cross trainer, which of the two is better? The answer is simple – To each its own! Consider your fitness goals and the purpose you want to achieve through exercising and make an informed decision on where you want to make your investment. Choose and make sure you use it!

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