PROMiXX® Vortex Protein Mixer Fully Reviewed - |

PROMiXX® Vortex Protein Mixer Fully Reviewed -

Normally a fitness enthusiast, would probably own at least 1 container of protein that acts as your pre or post workout meal. As you are well aware of the nuisance of finding the right Protein shaker that blends your powder well, doesn’t leak, and most importantly doesn’t smell worse than rotten eggs when you leave it in your gym bag for a couple of hours. 

Well, you are in luck my friend because we have found the right gadget for you. PROMiXX® Vortex Mixer is “The world's most advanced shaker bottle with no shaking required, no more lumpy shakes and a 100% leak proof guarantee.” Now available at Prosportsae.


Not only does it mix your protein in the smoothest way possible, it does so with a touch of a button. It claims to blend the thickest shakes smoothly, without any lumps or leftovers at the bottom of the shaker. HOW you may ask? The secret lies in its unique X-Blade Technology that spins to make the perfect vortex. 

It is a super simple process. You add water or milk to the Promixx bottle, push the button, watch the blade spin spectacularly into a vortex, add protein powder and see the magic happen. The drink is ready within seconds and it is lump-free and creamy. 

The new and improved lid promises to be leak-free, so you can be worry-free about spilling your drink all over your face while chugging it down like a boss. Also, the motor is removable, so it is lighter for you while your drink. 

Promixx Dubai

There are two types of Promixx Shakers, the iX and the iX-R. Both have a total capacity of 600ml with measuring scale.

The two super cool features that you get only in the Promixx iX-R are:

  • A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that charges via a USB charging cable which is included with the shaker. This removes the hassle of switching batteries when you run out of them.

      Promixx UAE







  • A NUTRiPOD, that has a storage capacity of 130 ml, to store your powder. Thanks to this life-saver you don’t need to have a separate container to carry your powders along with you. No more misplacing or forgetting your supplements.

Promixx pod










This doesn’t make the iX any less awesome. It is a good option for those you want to save some bucks and can do without the additional features. 

Another really great characteristic of this shaker is the effortless cleaning process. Just add water, hit the button, add the cleaning liquid and… NO, don’t drink it, let it spin and clean the mixer meticulously. It can’t get easier than this. 

Apart from being a full time Protein shaker, Promixx is also perfect for blending;

  • Whey / Vegan plant proteins
  • Creatine 
  • BCAA’s 
  • And other supplements,  

It is also a handy kitchen appliance for whipping up;

  • Milkshakes
  • Baby formula
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Fluffy pancake batter 
  • Juices
  • Cocktails 
  • Cold coffee 

and much more!

Now lets discuss a few pros and cons of the Promixx. 


  • It makes the smoothest, creamiest shakes.
  • It doesn’t leak even when pre-blended
  • It has a silent and powerful motor
  • It has a sturdy and trendy design
  • USB recharging and long battery life


  • The NUTRiPOD doesn't allow you to drink directly from the shaker. You need to remove it first and then drink. But you won’t even break a sweat to do all of that! 
  • Even though the iX model claims to have a good battery life because you just use the motor for a blending time of 10 seconds or less, it might be inconvenient for some to replace the batteries. It runs on AAA batteries.


In short, it’s a great buddy to take with you at the gym. It instantly gives you a lump free shake that you can devour after your rigorous training session. And most importantly, imagine how cool you will look amongst all the non-gadgety weirdos, with your super cool shaker that has a VORTEX. While it might be pricey compared to the other shakers, you won't get the same smoothness or the other awesome qualities with them. 

Hopefully we have succeeded to convince you enough to make the right choice and get the SUPER Promixx today!

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