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Powerdot Review: Learn How Electrical Muscle Stimulation Works.

PowerDot is a patent-pending system that uses a mix of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and "shrewd," application based programs that interface with a mobile app, enabling you to customize your experience and track your information across the board.

Powerdot utilizes Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS or NMES) to actuate your muscle strands so you can be stronger and recuperate quicker. 

By sending electronic pulses to your muscles get increased muscle quality, endurance, and quicker recuperation time after workouts. 

It is a regularly changing application that we reliably update and upgrade at no additional expense to you. 

In this review, we'll explore precisely how PowerDot system works, how long do Powerdot pads last and Does EMS burn fat.

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PowerDot 2.0 system has three main parts, which are:

1. The Pod device and its attached pads

2. The smartphone app

3. Customizable programs

 The Pod Device & Its Electrode Pads

The rectangular PowerDot Pod includes a smooth "wave" structure on the outside, like what you'd see in the wake of dropping a rock into the water. 

Tapping the center for a few seconds powers its USB rechargeable battery, which can be used for at least for six hours of consistent stimulation when ultimately charged.

PowerDot Pod system has two lead cables attached via the same micro USB connector, serving as its charger. 

These two lead cables deliver electrical impulses to a gluey electrode pad connected at the other end, which produces diverse muscle contractions depending on the program you've preferred.

PowerDot's Smartphone App

Powerdot's Smartphone App helps you to personalize your experience by picking programs, modifying intensity, and perusing directions, safety advice, and training recommendations.

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However, the PowerDot Pod pairs through Bluetooth via a smartphone application (requires iPhone 5 or later with iOS 7.0+, or bolstered Android telephones running Android 4.4+).

Customizable Programs

The PowerDot app comes with eleven adjustable muscle stimulation programs intended to convey an assortment of advantages that can enable your body to feel its best, including quicker recuperation, diminished strain and stress, and highly boosted performance. 

PowerDot for warm up

  • Warm Up / Potentiation; Prepares your muscles to work out, which can help minimize injuries.
  • Light Recovery; Gives the low frequency, non-fatiguing waveforms can help your muscles recover faster.
  • Active Recovery; Ideal for use within two hours of activity for improved muscle recovery.
  • Extended Recovery; Gives the same benefits as the Active Recovery program but with a more extended muscle simulation period.
  • Massage; You can use this program at any time to boost circulation and reduce stiff, sore muscles.
  • Muscle Endurance; This program solely helps to increase your muscle's resistance to fatigue while increasing endurance, and it is usable for up to five times per week.
  • Strength Endurance; this program helps in increasing the intensity of the force that your muscles can handle, and this can be used four times per week.
  • Strength; This program helps to increase muscle strength, mostly concerned with anything related to pushing, pressing, and pulling movements. Advisable to use not more than three times weekly.
  • Resistance; This program focuses mainly on improving your "movement, speed, and ground reaction force," when used up to three times per week.
  • Explosive Strength; It is a program designed for completing intense plyometric workouts, designed to help you overcome them.
  • Long Haul Flight; Designed for use during long flights that can prompt tense, cramped muscles. 

In the wake of choosing each program, the PowerDot application will walk you through an appropriate situation. You can likewise physically modify parameters like compression and pulse length, several constrictions, and intensity.


According to research, Powerdot pads last 25 to 30 sessions before they no longer stick to your skin or adequately transfer electrical signals, depending on your skin's oiliness and hardness.


Presently, there has been little research to demonstrate an immediate connection between EMS, fat burning, and weight reduction. This device can incidentally reinforce a muscle, however, have not been cleared by the FDA for weight reduction or fat burning. 

However, EMS is always associated with fat burning since it is frequently combined with exercise.

Hence, EMS devices can build bloodstream, as indicated by a March 2017 investigation distributed in Open Medicine. Expanding the blood to muscles after exercise enables athletes to recoup quicker, and in this way train at a high power all the more reliably. This way, EMS may allow you to get in shape as a feature of an activity routine, yet it doesn't have a similar advantage when utilized alone.

In conclusion, many appeared to value its convenience, viability at improving muscle recuperation and assuaging torment, and quality development. In any case, we have seen a few complained about problems with the app, especially, connectivity issues

With the majority of this state, given what we learned from researches and experts, it is critical to keep up realistic expectations and results with regards to EMS, regardless of whether identified with muscle recuperation or different cases. 

It's likewise pivotal to get that, even though PowerDot is as of now the main application associated EMS system available and that it appears smaller and more compact than competitors, this doesn't imply that it will convey better outcomes.

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