6 Best Back Workout Machines For Building Muscle!

6 Best Back Workout Machines For Building Muscle!

Your back is the support system of your body for the heavy weights you lift to standing firm like an oak. Though you might not be able to see your back yourself, it stands out as one of the most prominent features visible to others. Developing strong back muscles is not a cake-walk as we really can’t see our back hence building a strong mind-muscle connection is extremely essential for this process. With good coordination and balance this connection is easily achievable and to find out how, all you need to do is visit the nearest gym. Gym workouts are the best for strengthening your back muscles or building them and there are a plethora of options at the gym for the same. In this article you will learn about some of the best back machines at the gym.

Different Types of Back Workout Machines 

Here are some machines you can use for hypertrophy (building muscle) or developing peak strength of your back.

Lat Pulldown Machine

This machine works on your upper back muscles and it is named after the muscles it works on, which is latissimus dorsi also known as "lats." Lat pulldowns are typically done with a wide Lat pulldown bar but there is a huge range of cable attachments you can use in this case, including D-handles, small V-bars, and so on. Lat pulls can also be done standing to target your lats and upper back.

Seated row machine

One of the best back machines at gym for forearm and back muscles. Your middle-back workout goals are sorted with this one along with a good exercise for your forearm. The latest models come with ergonomic hand grip positions and an adjustable seat pad with gas assist.

Rear Delt Fly Machine

Primarily a shoulder strengthening exercise machine which also doubles up as a back-training movement machine. Train pectoral muscles, latissimus dorsi and deltoids with these best back exercises machines. Seat adjustment handles allow smooth operation and translucent ABS shroud ensure ultra-durability and shock resistance.

Back Extension Machine

The back extension machine (also known as a hyperextension bench) helps you build muscle, strength and stability in the lower back, something a lot of lifters could spend more time working on. The main muscles worked in back extensions include the erector spinae, muscles that run up along your spine, giving you great posture and help you bend over without curling up like a question mark. This has varying thigh pad positions for individuals of different heights. Angled grips and foot pad to enhance stabilization and user comfort.

Cable Machine

Versatile as ever, these machines are devised to target a variety of muscles. The variety of exercises that can be done with these best back workout machines are Seated cable row, Cable face pulls, Bent-over cable fly and of course Lat pulldowns. Cable machines promote higher time under tension (more time under tension means more muscle growth and strength too), and because they use boxed-in weight stacks, the risk of injury is quite low.

Air Rowing Machine

Devised with a combination of both air and magnetic resistance, this is one of the best back workout machines that simulates the feel of rowing. Most models come with an ergonomic rowing handle and is contoured and padded for superior feel and comfort. A few benefits of an air rowing machine are increased stamina, stronger immune system, weight loss, etc. The air rowing machine works on some major muscle groups. Thus, it works effectively on increasing oxygen intake and a raise in the heart rate. Its capability to work out the lower body is its best benefit.


There are tons of exercises and machines when it comes to training your back but the key is always to have a wholesome and consistent program that targets your upper back, lower back and all of the stabilizer muscles in between. Thus, it is crucial to make the right choice while deciding on a back exercise machine. Longevity, robustness, versatility, adjustability and portability are key deciding factors when selecting a machine.

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