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About Yonex Nanoray Z Speed 

The most recent head-light arrangement from YONEX, NANORAY furnishes a quick and controlled swing with upgraded shock by means of the New Aero Frame. NANORAY is intended for players who power their rivals into the back of the court with extraordinary speed. The more slender top of the edge sides limit air obstruction for more prominent head speed, while the thicker sides at the base of the head create most extreme aversion through more noteworthy casing firmness. Checkout our badminton collection 

Yonex Nanoray SBZ (SNAP BACK ZONE)

The extraordinary casing structure of the NANORAY Z-SPEED implies that the casing is more slender at the halfway point at either side of the racquet head. Now, EX-HMG, the most versatile and ground-breaking material ever, is utilized inside the casing, enabling it to flex on effect and repulse the van with hazardous speeding up and destroying power.

Yonex Nanoray Swing Speed increased by 10%

Each component of this racquet has been intended to build swing speed. Another casing cross area and ULTRA SLIM LONG SHAFT, together with bleeding edge materials NANOMETRIC* and X-FULLERENE, make the NANORAY Z-SPEED the most streamlined racquet that YONEX has ever delivered.

Yonex Nanoray is on Compact Frame 

Edge development gives quick swing and head-substantial parity
To adjust the substantial racquet head, the edge has been made littler to keep up the quick swing requested by cutting edge players.

By decreasing the drag brought about via air obstruction, the head-overwhelming inclination is diminished and racquet dealing with speed is expanded.


NANOMETRIC improves the holding quality between the carbon strands empowering us to take racquet shaft development to another level. By diminishing the measure of carbon in the pole to make it 60%* more slender than a traditional racquet while holding solidness, YONEX has made a progressive lightweight racquet with helping head speed and control.

Yonex Nanoray X-Fullerene

The new age X-Fullerene has 4 outspread ribs which join carbon iotas to frame a football-like structure. The X-Fullerene is utilized in the sap which bonds the carbon strands and makes the cross-connect development. The ten times increment in restricting power makes it conceivable to make 5% higher repugnance control and 15% more noteworthy dependability.


SONIC METAL is an incredibly solid, lightweight and adaptable new titanium compound which YONEX positions at the highest point of the casing. This has two favorable circumstances. Right off the bat, it gives you a higher repugnance control, particularly in assault. Also, it makes an unmistakable solid sound when the shuttlecock is hit.

This acoustic, joined with the emotional increment in aversion, will put your rival under prompt weight.


The square-molded ISOMETRIC edge shape is intended to keep vertical strings at a comparative length, just as the flat strings to deliver an extended sweet spot every which way.


YONEX has structured another grommet example called the HORIZONTAL-A CONCEPT that has helped us make the littlest edge in our history. The example grapples 4 strings on a level plane to permit more prominent flex in the string bed and to make an extended sweet spot at the highest point of the edge. So even askew shots can be incredible.

Built-in T-Joint 

'NEW' Built-in T-Joint is produced from a unique lightweight plastic joined with epoxy tar and frothing operator that improves quality and execution by expanding the strength of the bus on the string bed and through the air.


Embeddings NANOPREME into the racquet shaft guarantees more noteworthy steadiness contrasted with customary racquets. When bowing and discharging two racquets under a similar power, the Ultra Slim Long Shaft bounce back twice to the extent an ordinary racquet does in a similar time allotment (0.018 seconds). This likens to 10% more prominent steadiness contrasted and regular racquets.

Control Bolster

The control bolster top gives a 88% more extensive level surface contrasted and a conventional racquet for simpler grasping, quick finish and the most keen mobility.

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