Yonex Nanoray Junior Racket Blue NRJr

Yonex Nanoray Junior Racket Blue NRJr

Dhs. 219.00 Dhs. 500.00

    The Yonex Nanoray Junior badminton racket is designed specifically for junior kids with length of 25.5 inches and grips size of G7( approximately 3 inches in diameter). It has an square head based on Yonex's Isometric head shape technology to provide 32% larger sweet-spot (hitting area) than conventional badminton racket to help the young players hit the shuttlecock. The Yonex Nanoray Junior badminton racket is made of 100% carbon graphite (Graphite on head frame and Graphite/Carbon Nanotube on Shaft) to make the racket lighter in weight and easier to play for kids. The racket also has a head light balance to make swinging faster and helps improve timing as kids learn the skill.



    In year 1992, YONEX developed the world's first epoch-making technology in badminton ...the ISOMETRIC Square Head Shape. This YONEX development continues to sets the pace of winning play. The Isometric Square Head Shape badminton racket design provides a 32 percent larger effective hitting area than a conventional oval shape badminton racket. Also, unlike a conventional badminton racket with main and cross strings of varying length, the Isometric Square Head Shape equalizes the length of main cross strings in the string-bed enlarging the sweet-spot all around for more consistent shot accuracy, even on off-center hits.