Theragun G2 Pro Professional Massager

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Theragun G2 Gun

Described by its designers as “the future of muscle relief,” the patent-pending Theragun G2 Pro is a handheld vortix muscle massager gun, battery-operated vibration therapy device, work like magic for fitness recovery. Get Theragun G2 gun at the best price in dubai, UAE. This updated model, which introduces a new ergonomic design and greater battery efficiency, gives athletes an advanced, precision massage tool—specifically designed to generate rapid muscle activation and recovery.

The Theragun G2 Pro percussive therapy, through regular use, can help reduce common muscle and joint pain, relieve spasms, release knots, break up scar tissue, and improve an athlete’s overall mobility / range of motion. g2pro theragun is your one machine solution. Users can also choose from four different angle placement variations to better treat specific parts of the body. Theragun G2 is a professional massager. 

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What is the Theragun?

THE THERAGUN is a handy Gadget that vibrates at a high recurrence with low adequacy of development to invigorate muscles and help them perform all the more productively. Research has demonstrated that muscle treatment prompts quicker recuperation from wounds and better by and large execution. Buy Theragun g2 at the lowest price in dubai from 

Theragun G2 Pro Specifications 

At a little over 2 LBS in weight and 8.5” in length, the theragun pro is fully portable and easy for anyone to use. Athletes new to the G2PRO™ should start by slowly applying light pressure and moving the tool across the body 60-90 seconds per body part. A full body session should not exceed 15 minutes. Treat yourself 2-3 times per day. You should not use the G2PRO™ on your head, open wounds, or the genital area. theragun price is very competitive at

1000's of customer are given positive Theragun G2 Pro review. The interesting fact is there is no alternatives to this model. 


What is Theragun?

The TheraGun G2 Pro is a neuro-musclular treatment device calibrated by a physician with the correct frequency, amplitude, and torque designed to give athletes the most percussive vibration therapy to the nervous system. This, in turn, helps muscles activate and recover faster.

Where is Theragun manufactured?

TheraGun is located in the United States but we source our parts from the highest quality places all over the world! They will ensure that they are providing the best product in percussive therapy. 

How strong is the motor?

Pretty strong especially when the battery is full charge.

Theragun work with 220v?

TheraGun's charger is 110-220v. It works worldwide. It will require an adapter but not a converter. 

How many battery does it included?

2 batteries  



      • Sleek device for comfort & ease
      • 50% calmer than earlier models (70 decibels)
      • 65% more battery life (2.5 Hours)
      • 60lbs of pressure to clear strong knots and muscles
      • Dual-speed from 1750 RPM to 2400 RPM. This functionality allows you to determine your level of recovery - deep tissue or light massage
      • The ball-bearing accessory allows for seamless switching of attachments.
      • Improved rubber-coated accessories to provide a more sensible massage feel
      • Lightweight

    • G2PRO
    • Carrying Case
    • Attachment Pouch
    • Two Batteries
    • Battery Charger
    • Attachments



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