SpiderTech X Spider - Pack of 6 - Pink

SpiderTechSKU: NI0180.18.B6.23

Dhs. 50


  • Latex-free, hypoallergenic, and uses high-grade breathable cotton material
  • 100% drug free and natural pain relief
  • The tape is water resistant & sweat proof
  • Last up to 5 days
  • Easy to apply, Providing relief wherever you go
  • Manufactured using the proven tape products of Nitto Denko, makers of the original Kinesiology Tape from Japan
  • Moderate Elasticity - The tape matches the same basic elasticity found in human skin and muscle, allowing it to work with your body
  • Easy to use with faster more efficient application times. Instructions included
  • Allows you to wear the tape for a longer period of time, providing a secure fit
  • No cutting required - all strips are precut with smooth, machine-cut edges and rounded corners to reduce fraying and curling
  • Athletic Tape, Kinesiology Tape, Sports Tape

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