Innermost The Lean Protein for Weight Loss - 600 gms -
Innermost The Lean Protein for Weight Loss - 600 gms -
Innermost The Lean Protein for Weight Loss - 600 gms -
Innermost The Lean Protein for Weight Loss - 600 gms -

Innermost The Lean Protein for Weight Loss - 600 gms

Dhs. 235.00

    Whey protein powder for effective weight-loss.

    A slick blend of 7 ingredients formulated to encourage healthy fat-loss and support lean muscle development.

    Why you need it

    • Crafted to support healthy and sustainable fat-loss.
    • Also designed to preserve and develop lean muscle.
    • Dream team of the right functional ingredients, nutrients and adaptogens.

    Why it’s special

    • Complete vegan protein from pea and brown rice, and enriched with superfoods.
    • Rich in branched chain (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs).
    • Not a trace of artificial flavour, colour or aspartame.

    How to use

    As a post-workout refuel ideally within 45 minutes of exercise or as a nutritious drink when you need a snack or an energy boost. Best served cold.

    Directions: Add up to 40g (4 scoops) to 250-350ml of water or milk and shake. Adjust amount of liquid for your desired level of sweetness and thickness. Can also be used to make smoothies and baked into healthy snacks.

    Works Well With: The Define Booster to further assist with metabolising fat and supporting energy levels.


    Per Serving:

    Protein (Whey Concentrate + Isolate): Repair, recovery and lean muscle development.

    Inulin (1g): Prebiotic to encourage the growth of good gut bacteria, linked to lower levels of fat.

    Acetyl L-Carnitine (750mg): Non-stimulant fat-loss supplement that helps the body burn fat for energy.

    Pomegranates (500mg): Increases quantities of good gut bacteria that are linked to lower levels of fat.

    Yerba Mate (500mg): South American “Drink of the Gods”. Boosts metabolism and delays fat absorption.

    Bilberries (250mg): Rich in antioxidants and resveratrol to aid cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation.

    Per: 40g 100g
    Energy 626 kJ 1,565 kJ
    Calories 148 kcal 370 kcal
    Protein 29g 74g
    Carbohydrates 4.5g 11.1g
    of which sugars 1.1g 2.7g
    Fats 1.2g 3.0g
    of which saturates 0.4g 1.0g
    Dietary fibre 1.5g 3.8g
    Sodium 0.08g 0.20g

    Allergens: Milk (whey).

    Other ingredients: Natural flavours only. Guar gum, which is a GMO-free, gluten-free, natural fibre that comes from the guar bean to give our shakes a creamy texture. We use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin, which is the only kind of lecithin that can be obtained raw and chemical-free using a cold press system similar to that used with olive oil. We use sucralose as it is the most widely tested low-calorie sweetener and approved by all major food standard agencies in the world.

    NB: Nutritional information is for the vanilla version.