LP Support 789 Ice & Hot Pack UAE

LP SupportSKU: 789-

Size: One Size
Dhs. 33


Re-usable Gel Pack is covered by our exclusive sate-of-the-art, closed-cell neoprene, laminated with "outergrid" nylon to ensure long-wear durability. Ice and hot pack may be used for both ice and thermal therapy. Ice therapy reduces inflammation following injury or surgery. Thermal therapy helps promote soothing relief from tried, aching, injured muscles.


Reduce swelling

Relax tight joints or muscles

Relieve pain

Always use LP Ice/Hot pack inside of a cloth cover. Direct application of gelpack to skin could cause burns or frostbite. This gelpack is not to be used on area of in-sensitive skin or on a person with poor blood circulation. Do not boil. Discard if punctured or torn. Do not swallow gel.


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