Luxilon Savage Tennis Racket String, 127 Set/Black

WilsonSKU: 2-WRZ994300

Dhs. 75


Luxilon Savage is a co-poly loaded with spin-friendly bite and low-powered control. It comes in three versions; Lime, White and Black, each of which offered our playtest team subtle variations in playability. One of the first things we noticed about Savage was the impressive spin potential, aided in no small part by this string's six edges. In addition to those "grabby" edges, Savage offered an extremely controlled and predictable response on big swings. This predictability translated into aggressive stroke patterns punctuated by sharp angles and ambitious targets. Given its relatively high stiffness level, our team was impressed by this string's feel and comfort. The smooth response was achieved partly through a Liquid Crystalline Polymer, one of the many successful additives Luxilon uses to build some of the best feeling co-polys on the market. Ultimately, while Savage might be overshadowed by its more famous siblings, like ALU Power and Big Banger Original, we think it definitely deserves a prominent spot in the Luxilon lineup.

Power 37
Spin 83
Comfort 56
Control 88
Touch 85
String Movement 94
Playability Duration 63
Durability 88
Overall 81

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