Skinners Kids Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes-Ocean Blue

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SkinnersSKU: PSAE-SKNR-OB 26-27
Dhs. 210 Dhs. 295
Size: (EUR 26-27)

Introducing SKINNERS Kids Minimalist Sock Shoes Uniquely Designed for Your Outdoor & Indoor Activities!

Socks or shoes? Neither, yet both. 
We combined the best from both worlds - the freedom of socks and the protection of shoes into one nifty entity. SKINNERS!

You may enjoy the variability of the SKINNERS footwear that can replace many other lightweight shoe styles like the barefoot shoes, lightweight runners’ shoes, finger or toe shoes, driving slippers, travel shoes, water and beach shoes, and much more.

The Main Reasons to Choose the SKINNERS:

  • UNMATCHED WALKING EXPERIENCE – they will support your feet’s natural position, give you enhanced stability and help you exercise by strengthening your feet while coming closer to the nature and feeling the round.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – you can pack them in your backpack, suitcase or even a pocket and take them with you anywhere!
  • NON-SLIP & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – the 2 layers Swedish polymer molded and pressed together with the textile upper means that our sock shoes don’t include any glues or seems and that’s why they are virtually unbreakable. Additionally, the SKINNERS have a high level of abrasion, puncture, cut and water resistance together with perfect stability on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • TAILOR THEM TO YOUR NEEDS – you can wear them with or without socks and choose the color that matches your style.

And Don’t Forget!
SKINNERS are 100% machine washable, so you can just slip them in your washing machine, set a gentle cycle (30°C/86°F) and you’re good to go!

Move without limits
The ultimate pocket footwear designed for all your adventures, travels and sports. Minimalist. High-tech. Anti-Odor. Durable. Awesome.

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Camping & Hiking
  • Travelling
  • Water sports
  • Office
  • Roller blading
  • Yoga
  • Fitness

Questions / answers:

- Are they shoes or socks? 
* Neither. We have made the ultimate combination. It is just a new item of clothing!

- Should I walk with or without socks? 
* Thin 'ankle' socks go great together. But: bare feet can also!

- Skinners seems a bit fragile. Are not they going to break quickly? 
* No, they are very durable. The hard outsole is long and supple. No glue is used, and the seamless attachment ensures little risk of tearing, etc.

- Can they really be in the washing machine? 
* Yes No problem. She was inside out at 30 degrees.

- Sometimes black grains fall off the sole of the foot. Is that bad? 
* No, the excess material will wear off, but enough remains!

- Can I send back Skinners? 
* Unfortunately, from a hygienic point of view, we have chosen not to take back Skinners.

- Can I use Skinners in extreme conditions? 
* Skinners is not a replacement for the shoe. If you are going to have a heavy load, it is wiser to wear shoes.


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