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The York Fitness Tone Dome is a balance trainer designed to help in building strong core, stability, coordination as well as the muscles needed to keep balance.

For added versatility you can attach your toning or resistance tubes (not included) to the sides to provide a extra workout dimension. The York Fitness Tone Dome is supplied with an informative wall chart that gives guidance on how to train with this unique piece of all over body workout equipment. .

The sturdy, wide and durable 59 cm diameter board easily accommodates both feet with room to manoeuver. 

Great for rehabilitation and strengthening work and a favorite of many physiotherapists and sports therapist. 

Key Features

  • Large 59 cm Diameter workout space.
  • Perfect for rehab, physio and injury recovery work.
  • Builds core muscles, strengthens ankle, knees and lower back. 
  • Develops balance and coordination.
  • Improves reflexes.
  • Improves muscle strength and conditioning. 
  • Instructional workout wall chart included. 
  • Includes Pump for inflation.



  • Diameter 59 cm
  • Height 22 cm


Below are just some of the exercises possible on your York Fitness Tone Dome Balance Trainer. 

Check out the Tone Dome Training Blog for more details.




1. Jumping Ski Squats

Activates Legs, Buttocks and Core

Starting with one foot on top of the Dome (round side up) and the other foot out to the side facing forward so feet are slightly wider than hips. Bend legs no more than 90 degrees keeping the weight central and knees behind toes. Swing the arms slightly behind you for momentum and power up into a jump over the dome allowing arms to carry on above the head. Land with opposite foot now on top of the Dome to mirror image the start position. Keep repeating side to side without stopping.

2. Mountain Runs

Activates Core Muscles

Start with your arms directly under your shoulders, hands placed either side of centre dome and body alignment straight from head to heels with feet hip width apart. Hold this position and bring one knee up towards the top of the dome. With your body still switch legs in a running motion keeping only one foot on the floor at all times.

3. Basic Ab Crunch (10 - 15 Reps)

Activates Abdominal Muscles

Sit towards the front of the Dome, legs bent at 90 degrees with feet hip width apart, Lay back over the dome keeping your back straight with your fingertips touching your temples and elbows wide at shoulder height Keeping a gap the size of your fist between the chin and chest. Now contract your abdominals and raise your torso up looking outwards and keeping the gap under chin and elbows wide. Slowly lower back to start. This is 1 Rep.

4. Back Extension (10 - 15 Reps)

Activates Lower Back Muscles

Start lying face down on top of the Dome with your chest just over the front edge looking towards the floor, fingertips placed on temples and elbows wide with your feet planted and legs a little wider than your hips. Now contract the lower back muscles and lift your torso up with control. Look forward and keep elbows wide and fingertips still in contact with the head. Hold this lifted position for at least 1 second. Try to work to the count ‘lift two and down two’.

5. Flat Side Up Press Ups (6 - 10 Reps)

Activates Triceps, Chest and Core

Start with the Tone Dome flat side up, this creates a more unstable platform. Hold the outside rim in-line with each shoulder. Walk your legs away until you are in the press up position with a straight back. Slowly bend your arms no more than 90 degrees keeping your back straight and elbows wide! Push back up to the starting position. This is 1 Rep. Try the count down 2 and up 2.

6. Side Plank (Hold for 20 - 60 Secs on each Side)

Activates Core & Side Muscles

Start by positioning yourself next to the Tone Dome lying on one side with your elbow on the centre of the dome. Lift your bottom hip off the floor creating a straight line from your shoulder to your feet. Also keep the head tilted and in line. Now raise your free arm straight up in the air (you can hold the exercise here if you wish) if you want to increase the intensity turn the head to look at your hand.

7. Tricep Dips (8 - 12 Reps)

Activates Triceps

Start with your hands just off centre at the top of the Dome, arms straight but not locked and fingers facing forward. Walk the legs out slightly so your hips are just in front of the Dome knees bent and feet fl at on the floor. Keep your hips up at all times and now bend your arms no more than 90 degrees with your elbows pointing behind you. Push down and straighten the arms back to the starting position. This is 1 rep.

8. Knee Tuck Sit Ups (10 - 15 Reps)

Activates Abdominals

Sit on top of the Dome. Lean back keeping your back straight and place your hands to each side and slightly to the back of the Dome. Lift and extend your legs out and in-line with your hips. This is the start position! From here bend your knees up into your chest and bring your body slightly forward, with control return to the start position. Tucking the legs in and extending them out again is 1 Rep.

9. Burpee with Shoulder Press (15 - 20 Reps)

Activates Legs, Buttocks, Arms, shoulder & Core

Start with feet shoulder width apart and hold the Tone Dome in front of chest with flat side facing you. Bend the legs and place the Dome onto the ground Dome side down. From here spring the legs outwards into a press up position keeping a fl at supported back (tighten your tummy muscles) and arms straight but not locked at the elbows. Almost as soon as your feet touch you need to rebound them back in to the Dome. Then push through the legs into a standing position whilst raising the Dome above your head. This is 1 Rep.

10. Bridge with Single Leg Raise (10 - 15 Reps each Leg)

Activates Core, Glutes & Hamstrings.

Start by laying on the York Fitness exercise mat, hands by each side palms down and feet placed onto the top front edge of the Dome. Push your feet into the Dome and raise your hips off the floor creating a bridge. Hold this position and extend one leg out keeping it raised in a straight line with your body. Under control bend the leg back and place your foot onto the Dome and slowly roll down each vertebrae of your spine from top to bottom until you are back to the start position. Repeat with other leg.

11. Plank with Arms on Dome (20 - 60 Secs) 

Activates Abdominals

Kneeling on an York Fitness exercise mat horizontal under the body, lean forward and rest your hands and forearms on top of the Dome. Keeping your back straight extend one leg away and then the other leg so feet are a little wider than your hips. Keep a flat back and straight legs. Hold this position until you lose correct posture and then return to kneeling.

12. The Superman / Superwoman (3 - 5 Reps, 30 sec hold) 

Activates Core, Lower Back & Glutes, Arms & Legs. 

Starting by kneeing on the red side of the tone dome with hands in front of your knees, extend one one leg back into straight position. With the opposite arm extend this infront of of your head and hold for 30 secs. Repeat with the opposite leg and arm. 

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