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Pro Sports Yoga Wheel UAE

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The yoga wheel is a circular and hollow ring-like device used during stretching, tension-releasing, and improving muscle's flexibility. It tends to serve as the new foam roller. Buy Yoga Wheel for the best price in Dubai from 

A yoga wheel is totally for everyone, and its adaptability can assist you to stretch better and release stress under muscles. You can move on it, lie on it, lay on it and breath on it and it truly helps to open your shoulders. yoga wheel is great for back pain. Yoga wheel backbend is a great exercise to consider.


  • The Yoga/Fitness Wheel designed to help stretch and release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors.
  • Deepens Yoga/Fitness Postures: The yoga wheel is a effective and fun way to open the chest, shoulders, back, and hip flexors. It also develops balance, strength, and flexibility. The yoga/fitness exercise wheel is used to help beginners and advanced yoga practitioners achieve backbends and loosen tight muscles before yoga class.
  • Enhances Yoga Postures: Achieve deeper stretches to take your practice to the next level. Offers support for challenging poses and adds creativity to your yoga practice.
  • Lightweight & Portable.

Benefits of the Yoga Wheel

Apart from building strength and stamina or releasing tensions, there are so many benefits of using a yoga wheel as part of your workout arsenal. Yoga wheel is good for spine & hips. 

It helps you to perform Difficult Stretches Safely

One of the benefits of using a yoga wheel is that it's a safe and straightforward way of stretching your back backbends.

It helps users to evolve their practice, and the wheel helps release your back. It's particularly significant if you don't feel comfortable with doing traditional backbends.'

It Can Help Prevent Injury

The tool has been developed in a way to work with your body, and one of the brilliant things about them is that they can help to prevent injury.'

The wheel serves as a scaffolding for your body, thereby helping you to keep upright and gives the support that's lacking during traditional poses without the wheel.

It Helps to Improve Flexibility

Including a yoga wheel into your routine gives you the confidence to stretch further than usual, allowing you to move your body in ways you never could before.

It Helps to Relieve Aches and Pains

It is believed that practicing with a yoga wheel helps in relieving some body aches and pains (pains in the abdomen, chest, shoulders, and hips) and that soothe away soreness and discomfort.

It's additionally splendid for back pains and does some amazing things to rub the length of your spine - no expert masseuse required.

It Makes You Stronger

Having the yoga wheel behind your back will help you feel much more confident to do more with your back, and so eventually, you will feel much stronger as a result

It Will Stop You from Hunching

As a personal trainer, I suggest that using a yoga wheel is a fantastic way to help reverse the effect of hunching.

Simple Poses to learn with the Yoga Wheel

The Spinal Stretch

Yoga wheel dubai

Most likely the simplest to do, this gives your spine somewhat more help when acing that backbend.

'Position the yoga wheel in the center of your back and lay over it then bring your arms out to the side and then let your head hang back. 

The Forward Fold

Yoga wheel uae

When you're in a situated position, place the wheel under your lower leg muscles. Reach forward and place your hands on the wheel to pull yourself in more profound

The Child's Pose

Yoga wheel dubai

Sit and get your knees wide apart, then place both hands on the wheel sides. Bowing your head down, roll the wheel slowly, then press your chest to the ground. This stretch opens up the shoulders.

Open Your Sides

Yoga wheel UAE


Bow by the wheel, wrap your side over it and feel the space made.

Finally, the yoga is an excellent work out tool which can be gotten in Dubai as low as AED 119

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